One Line Comic Reviews – 22/8/12

X-Men Legacy 272      Rogue captured by Borg like species, well written, nothing new   7/10

Rachel Rising 10         Beautifully drawn especially the snow, interesting witches story     8/10 

New Guardians 12      Plot slowly progresses, not a lot happens, very average   6/10

Venom 23                   Introduce magic to venom, nice first issue, probably too complex     7/10

Dr Manhattan 1          Drone drone drone. Hughes artwork good but a little stifled. 6/10 

JL Dark 12                  Good writing & art, some origins, more double crosses, reasonable  7/10

Uncanny X-Men 17     Poor finale especially since started great, two artists not compatible   5/10

Secret Avengers 30     Kooky artwork, plot progressing well, solid writing, dont like magic    7.5/10


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