Hawkguy’s Quiver

This book has meant a lot over the years and it represents the evolution of my blog. It started way back in 2012 and I looked at Hawkeye #1 as my Cover of the Week in my 5th ever post. I did not write much back then but as the issues went by, I wrote more, but I also wrote better. Hawkeye #22 is almost my 500th article and I hope you can see as much as I do, how far I have progressed.


Hawkeye #1 – Cover of the Week 1/8




Hawkeye #2 – So what’s so special about Clint Barton?



hawkeye01_002Iconic Art Post – Hawkeye by David Aja




Hawkeye #6 – Hawkguy: The Postmodernist Superhero




Hawkeye #8 – Cover of the Week 27/2




Hawkeye #10 – When is Hawkeye not Hawkguy?




Hawkeye #11 – Pizza Dog: The Postmodernist Sidekick




Cover of the Week 10/9 – Hawkeye #20



Hawkeye (2012-2015) 022-000

Hawkeye #22 – There is nothing special about Clint Barton

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