Green Lantern Annual – Everything goes to Hell

I have discussed Geoff Johns in previous reviews but I need to state that Geoff Johns is Green Lantern. He has been since 2004 and has made it into a stellar title. I do not use those words lightly. I have always loved Green Lantern and have an affinity with the will power motif of the corps. Over the years he has produced a fantastic set of stories and they have always been the big crossover blockbusters with universe changing climaxes. It began with the rebirth of Hal Jordan to the Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Lantern Corps War and now to the Rise of the Third Army.

Johns is a master at using subtlety and nuance to create suspense and drama. This is the game changer of the rebooted DC Green Lantern universe. The bad guys have a new hardcore army, the good guys are down and seemingly out and new characters are introduced. It is an excellent prologue with genuine shock moments and emotional turmoil. Rarely does a comic book shown so much action in one issue and keep you satisfied with answers and leave so many more questions. My one criticism will always remain and it is with the fundamental theory of will power. It has been assigned as an emotion within a spectrum of feelings. This is conceptually incorrect and while other lantern corps are based on fear, love, compassion, hope, greed, and anger, will power is the new kid in the class trying to fit in. The philosophy behind the guardians of the universe is confused and nonsensical. If you can accept this flaw then the book is brilliant.

Ethan van Sciver can do it all. His backdrops are excellent especially with the eerie and apt raining graveyard sequences. Characters are drawn with distinctive visual features and of decent detailing to show emotions. He has a phenomenal ability to instil fear and terror with his evil characters. The close up shots and scenic shots are equally as good and his action sequences incite feelings of true power and damage. Geoff Johns leaves him to draw. The colouring is all-important especially when dealing with mystical powers and constructs to provide added depth. The green energy is always drawn with luminescence and does not overpower the panel. As an action comic with great plot and attention to character traits and motives, it does not get much better than this.

Excellent 9.5/10

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