Iconic Art Post – Punk Rock Jesus #1 by Sean Murphy

Ive decided to add some panels of art which I think show exemplary work in a comic. Reviews and cover art dont do the artist enough justice and I think there should be highlights on the artwork. This is an interesting book covering a dystopian future where a clone of Jesus is created for the purpose of reality TV. The concept is ridiculous and the religious and scientific outcry is not nearly covered enough for it to be credible, even in an unrealistic future. The story is interesting and the set up issue is good, a lot of writing but a solid start. The artwork is astounding and these are the panels I adore;

It tells the story of a young boy hiding in a closet in Northern Ireland and the fear of being found. It is simply breathtaking as you take on the boys fears with his eyes coming closer and the creaks become louder. The black and white colouring allows the feelings of fear, tension and claustrophobia to build. Excellent use of sound and visual effects to really build the suspense. The door handles turning is a great touch as it builds to an explosive climax.

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