Classic Cuts: Identity Crisis – Brad Meltzer

I would like to introduce Scott to the House of Flying Scalpels writing crew! He has worked in the comic industry for over 7 years and introduced me to the world of comics outside of Batman and X-Men. High praise I hear you say?! Well you can follow him on @Smutty2099 but it is not of faint of heart and definitely not suitable for work!

Before 2005 only a handful of geeks had heard of, never mind cared about the Elongated Man, Ralph Dibney or his doting wife Sue, but that all changed in the 2005 series Identity Crisis. During the 7 issues the fanboys found out who they were and suddenly the Dibney’s relationship was on everyone’s lips. The repercussions of Identity Crisis will send shockwaves through the DCU affecting everyone who wears a cape or is related/married to someone who does.

Elongated Man was a Z list character probably more well known for being the comedy foil in the 90’s Justice League Europe series which sent the bumbling detective across Europe with his wife Sue helping out the JLE. All that changed during Identity Crisis when a night on patrol for Ralph ends in tragedy and he’s left to solve the biggest mystery of his life. Without giving too much away (I implore you to buy a copy…money back guaranteed*) this book is a shining example of how the bright shiny amazing world of heroes where the good guys always win can be brought slamming down to earth to the gutters of emotion and tragedy.

I actually gasped so much during this book I’m suing DC Comics for giving me asthma. This is a classic book and one I’ve read many times. In fact once I’ve finished typing this I shall read it again…hopefully this time I won’t cry.

*not actually a real offer.

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