Iconic Art Post – Batwoman 13 by J.H.Williams III

JH Williams III is an artist in a world of his own and his pencilling is beyond compare and simply breathtaking. Before I become engrossed in platitudes and lose my way, I should explain why I adore this book. He has an ability to draw characters in differing styles and still make the artwork consistent and coherent. This issue demonstrates this well, as Wonder Woman is drawn crisply and bright in comparison to Batwoman who is shaded pale and realistically. The antagonists are drawn differently again and have more shadowy faces highlighting their evil nature. The highlight to JH Williams’s artwork is his use of panels. He takes them from differing angles, heights and viewpoints but they always link and flow well. The above scene is testament to that as the panels are differing aspects of the maze linked together showing Diana and Katherine progressing whilst having a conversation. The maze also has a grotesque theme to it as there are corpses, entrails and blood stains scattered throughout highlighting the potential danger to our heroes. The issue has a number of double page spreads but this is my favourite set of panels. I am often so indulged in the art that the plot comes secondary and it is for this reason I will always buy a title featuring JH Williams the Third.

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  1. Love how at the top of the middle panel, the shadows make it appear that it’s the head of the bat symbol. That and Wonder Woman’s iconic stars forming some of the maze walls (at least in 3 instances that I can count). Nice touches indeed.

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