Cover of the Week 31/10 – X-Men Legacy #275 – Mark Brooks

Apologies for the delayed blog posts but it is hard to maintain when you are on a two week holiday in Malaysia! I need to catch up quick but looking at last week comic covers I felt the nostalgia seep in when I saw the Legacy book. This has been an excellent book and has seen the evolution of Rogue from a fearful, anxious, detached girl to a confident, empathetic leader of men. She has truly undergone a transformation and thanks to Christos Gage, has made this B title into one of the best X-Men books. This is it’s last issue prior to the Marvel Now reboot and it is what makes me sad. The cover is excellent with Rogue at the helm we can see Cyclops and Wolverine at her sides with the rest of the teams behind. It is a great team shot and I like the shading and realism adds to the heroes faces. The colouring is lovely and balanced and the symmetry gives great aesthetic appeal. It has been a long time since we have seen a uniform and coherent X-Men team and this is what this cover shows. This is not likely to be seen again in the future for a long long time.

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