Cover of the Week 7/11 – Uncanny X-Force #33 – Julian Totino Tedesco

Julian Totino Tedesco has been drawing outstanding covers for Uncanny X-Force and this one is as good as them all. It fits with the twist revealed at the last issue and is a particularly menacing front page. Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler is coming towards you from the dark with intent. He is hunched forward moving with two large swords in his hands with blood splatters all over him. The colouring is simple and his dark hair and uniform blends into the lightless corner from which he has emerged. He has a vile grin on his face and the blood smears into his natural red coloured skin around his left eye. It appears as a moving image and highlights Kurt’s lust for violence and the oncoming carnage he is about to unleash. An apt cover to a comic that threatens the oncoming of Apocalypse. 

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