Cover of the Week 21/11 – Glory #30 – Kris Anka

The remake of Glory has been refreshing as she has finally looks like a warrior; muscular and wearing her battle scars. This a beautiful cover and bears a resemblance to the yin yang symbol with contrasting colours, battle armour, weapons and most importantly opposing sisters. The detailing is perfect as it shows the different characteristics of the pair but it is not too detailed to clutter the picture. The colouring is bright, the palette is complementary and has a lovely balance. I adore the postures of the adversaries and the battle ready strikes of each sibling. If you have kept up with the story, then the flashback sequences of Gloriana and her sister deepen the meaning of the cover and the intensity of the impending battle. I imagine this cover is in the middle of the battle and the scene has been paused at a dramatic moment waiting for the strikes to land. Amazing cover for a great comic.

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