Cover of the Week 19/12 – Wonder Woman 15 by Cliff Chiang

Wonder-Woman-15-pg-000aSuch a magnificent cover for a resurrected God, and I say this with relish, as I am happy to see him back. The characteristic Orion helmet looks beautiful, as the colours are so vivid and light so reflective to the very edges of the book. Only a quarter of it is shown but it is enough to appreciate it is his headgear and show his eye. The reflection pencilling is excellent, as it has a degree of distortion to highlight the mirror effect, but not enough to change Diana’s pose or expression. She is charging, she is charging with her fist locked and ready to swing for Orion, and she looks angry. We are looking through the reflection in his helmet into his eyes and seeing what Orion sees. We can experience the fear of a Wonder Woman ready to pummel, but what is intriguing about this cover, is the eye of Orion. It is wide open, staring straight ahead and it is fearful, we imagine. Orion is a God and has been on many a suicidal mission and I doubt he is scared of anything, but his helmet conceals his emotions. The downward slant of the eyeholes of his helmet automatically give an angry defiant look to his face. His eyes may be wide open but his mask remains fearless and ready for battle. This picture speaks volumes and is the explosive introduction of the New God. It is an exciting cover to any issue and its good to see Cliff Chiang at his best.

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