Cover of the Week 25/12 – Amazing Spiderman 700 by Pascal Garcin

AmazingSpider-Man700_001aThis comic represents an iconic moment in the legacy of Peter Parker Spiderman. Though I personally have never found the Spiderman series of interest, I could not ignore this issue. I chose this cover because of what it represents and the way in which it was created. It is a mosaic of Spiderman images. Its a lovely affect and given this title is ending with this book, it is a beautiful amalgamation of various artists across the years. There are hundred of images making Spidey’s face but also many variations of Venom forming the border around his eye. It is a great testament to the Amazing Spiderman title, to find so many drawings of him in all poses and types of masks. There is also a single drawing of Carnage in the red sea of spiders which is difficult to notice. The eye itself is created from black and white images of Peter’s enemies, allies and family including J. Jonah Jameson, Aunt May and also Gwen Stacey. There are many villains involved such as the Green Goblin, Rhino, Dr Doom and of course, Dr. Octopus. The overall cover is an impressive collage of Spidey’s most recognisable feature, his red mask and eye. This cover represents 700 issues of Amazing Spiderman, it acts as a pictorial history of the books, and is a great culminating cover to the series. There are a couple of speech bubbles preserved in the background, one is in French and the other says, quite poignantly, “Why didn’t I kill you”.

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  1. wow you studied the thing hardcore..I was so crazed to read the book I ended up doing it a disservice by not looking at this more in depth…good show..I am getting my copy out now to check it out..

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