Cover of the Week 2/1 – Punk Rock Jesus 6 by Sean Murphy


The Punk Rock series has been discussed widely amongst its fans, and Sean Murphy has created an imaginative religion depraved, media-centric, immoral society. Its themes have certainly covered new ground, rarely ventured towards. The cover above sits bright amongst the previous books displayed below. It is the final issue of the story and the conclusion to Chris/Christ’s journey in the crazy future calamitous world. The colour white has so many connotations, as in many formats it represents purity & cleansing. It stands out from the other covers making it anti-establishment as Chris is and, to a certain degree, as Jesus was. Chris is depicted finally as he has been revered in the book, as Christ, but dressed not as the Son of God but as a Punk Rocker. The title of the book has reached fruition and we now come to the final pages of the tale. Chris has his arms held apart as if on a cross, in the position of a crucifix and his feet dangle below him. Everything about him shouts rebellion and anarchy, the hairstyle, the clothing, the clenched fist, and the microphone in his hand. There is a red cross in the background, but it is not positioned analogous to Chris, but inverted with the cross at his knees. Chris resembles Jesus at his crucifixion but it is not quite the perfect imagery. These subtle imperfections at the front of the book reflect the honesty of the narrative, as to whether Chris is Jesus’ clone. Is Chris taking charge of his final act of rebellion; rejecting Jesus? Or is this the acceptance of his genetic lineage and fate as the cloned Son of God? A change is coming and the time grows near, it is time for resolution and salvation. Until we move past this image, we cannot tell if this is Chris’ crucifixion, resurrection or redemption. It has been an exciting journey and it is time for it to end, with an act of God.

PRJ-01-01PRJ-02-01PRJ-03-01 PRJ-04-01PRJ-05-01


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