Cover of the Week 16/1 – Batgirl 16 by Ed Benes & Ulises Arreola


This image is just sick, terrifying and disgusting. With all the history between the Joker and Barbara, coupled with the Death in the Family tie in, the cover chills me to the bone. It’s the thought of Batgirl either succumbing or being poisoned by Joker which essentially means she has lost. She once again has been maimed by the Joker, and more mentally than before. The Joker facial is iconic in Batlore and does not need describing here but the excellent use of shade adds a layer of ominousness. It accentuates the dark, evil side by giving the appearance of lurking in the shadows. It allows you to imagine Batgirl emerging from the dark, with the Bat emblem shining bright giving the expectation of help, but slowly allowing the sourness of the Joker pervade your mind. Her beautiful red hair is drawn flowing and fluidly with excellent colouring, cementing the idea that it is a twisted Barbara behind the mask. The green highlighting of her right side in the shade, is signature of the green stylised by the Joker is a delicate touch of symbolism. This cover is not just terrifying because of the Joker façade in a Batgirl outfit but because of what it means. She has only been back in the cowl a year and it cannot be the end for her. How much more punishment can a person take, how much farther can the Bat family go? Sadly for us and them, only time can bring that answer, and I for one am scared as the seconds tick away.


  1. Great cover..greater book..What Simone is doing with Batgirl is amazing…I never much cared for the character except peripherally before. Now I think I will continue reading it after DOTF..

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