Cover of the Week 30/1 – Journey Into Mystery 648 by Dekal

JIM 648-Zone-000

I seem to be running a theme of terrifying female protagonists in my recent covers of the week! Lady Sif has become an incredibly interesting character, yearning for power and change to break the build and destroy motto of Asgard. Jeff Dekal has a realist but figurative art style, he likes his characters seamless and in an untouchable state. This cover is so pretty and she is drawn in incredible depth, to the point where you wonder if it is a photo portrait. She looks focused and ready to battle, whilst the blood splatter on her headgear and chin, make it appear she has already done so. This could be the stoic contemplation after the battle is won. I like how there is not a scratch on her face; it is perfect. Her headwear is glinting with the minimal light and the red sheen, while her hair flows over it on one side. It is drawn with great finesse and detailing, fitting the untouchable theme. The realism of this cover is striking and incredibly impressive, giving an ethereal air to the character. The colouring is strangely alarming because the whole portrait is shaded in colours of passion and danger. Her eyes, bejewelled crown and dress are also all red, together with the blood that stains her beautiful image. Lady Sif is menacing, with a look of intent, and she is staring straight at us.

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