The Theatre List 30/1 – How did that sneak in there?!

It has been a good week for Marvel this week, with four books in the list. However both books from Image were exceptional, and Green Lantern Corps was probably my favourite book of the week. Ill ignore the fact that a certain Superior title has made the list!


2013-01-30 08-10-18 - GLC Annual 1-000

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1

The Rise of the Third Army concludes in this book and Hal Jordan is nowhere to be found. Kyle and Guy step up to save the day and do it impressively. To sum up the greatness of Guy, one only needs to mention that he went to Oa to challenge the Guardians as a human, without his ring. That takes testicular fortitude!



00The Flash #16

The art on this book remains superb as they push the boundaries of pannel technique to parts unknown. The art alone is worth buying this book for, but the writing is solid and the developing plot is coming successfully to fruition.





Avengers 004-Zone-000

Avengers #4

I love what Hickman is doing to this book, but its not a mainstream type of book. This is an origin issue of Hyperion and its written quite eloquently but it is tough to read and follow. Kubert’s art is good but its a shame Opena has continued on.




Hawkeye 007-Zone-000

Hawkeye #7

Another well written issue but I am missing David Aja. The style is kept relatively faithful but the fact there are two different artists on the book annoy me. Its still a great book but not the incredible book it has been.




X-Men Legacy 005-Zone-000

X-Men Legacy #5

Now Spurrier has excelled from issue to issue. This plots have come together very nicely in this issue and it has been very well written. Molina’s art has followed suit and this is becoming one of my favourite Marvel Now books.





Superior Spider-Man #2

There are many things to be said about this book, and many things people take exception to. However this issue has been the better of the last few and I enjoyed the dating plot with Doc Ock pursuing MJ. Its a little cheesy and I am not sure to the extent of its unfaithfulness to the characters, but I liked it. ‘Nuff said!




Nowhere-Men-003-(2013)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-01Nowhere Men #3

This book is simply summarised by the line, Science is the new Rock’n’Roll. Each issue has been completely different it is taking us on a journey to….who knows?! The art is excellent and I look forward to how the sub plots will come together.




Glory 032 (2013) (Digital) (K6DVR-Empire) 00

Glory #32

Check my previous review! Awesome!


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