The Theatre List 06/02 – Wow a single issue Batman book!

A week where DC takes it has become a rarity for me these days. However the week where Dial H and Earth 2 are both released is a good week. It is a great surprise to see Scarlet back and an excellent start to Lemire’s start to Green Arrow. Let’s take a look:



Earth 2 #9

James Robinson is creating a phenomenal book which focuses on the build up to the team. Each character has a personality that is developing before they enter a team environment. This book is paced well and engrossing with epic looking detailed artwork by Nicola Scott.




Dial H #9

Bringing it back to the UK with the extremely intelligent China Mieville, who takes an old lady and a young fat man into a journey of crazy superheroes. It is just a good story full of action, suspense and drama. The plot is thickening as we try to understand the mystery of the dials.




Green Arrow #17

In Lemire we trust. A great start to his arc with a well written plot and intriguing side characters. Sorrentino is simply providing some great action sequences here and its a brilliant premier issue to the new team.




2013-02-06 08-23-31 - Detective comics-000

Batman Detective Comics #17

It is rare to see a single issue comic these days. I often think it is a lost art form but it is good to John Layman bring in new characters and produce a plot, that leads to fruition. It is refreshing to find a non DOTF and Batman Inc. story performed so well.





All New X-Men 007-Zone-000

All New X-Men #7

I cant believe we are seven issues in and we have had such little action. It is a good thing that Bendis is writing a brilliant character based dialogue in this book. Young Scott is an interesting character and his romance for Jean is being tested with lasting repercussions.



New Avengers 003-Zone-000

New Avengers #3

Just a breathtaking cover that summarises the whole book in one page. Cap is tested to his limits and the Illuminati are pushed to their limits. How far would you go to save the world? Hickman is just an incredible character based writer.






 Snapshot #1

Andy Diggle takes us on a new gritty and violent thriller. It is a storming first issue full of action and nervousness. It is wonderfully drawn in black and white, with very emotive facial expressions. Jock has been drawing some beautiful scenes in Batman, and he continues to show torment in this book.




Scarlet #6

Two Bendis books on my must pull list! It is awesome to see Scarlet back, breaking the fourth wall like only she can. There is a brilliant monologue at the beginning and the incredible Maleev draws deeply expressive people and brings out the tension. This book goes to territories unknown and comes back with the goods.


  1. Concerning Batman Detective Comics #17 and being a single issue comic: isn’t it actually the second part of a storyline that started in the previous issue? Otherwise, I really enjoyed Green Arrow, Earth 2, All-New X-Men, and New Avengers this week!

  2. The brillance of Detective Comics was that it used the build up of the enemies prior to this issue, but then used them in a self contained story with new characters and a complete plot!

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