The Theatre List 20/2 – Variety is a must buy

Despite the shipping issues with Image comics, I still spent a whopping amount of money on comics this week. There were a number of books out including chunks of arcs involving the Green Lanterns and the Justice League. The JLA are launched and the initial setup issue was quite standard. There were strong Marvel books throughout with two of the biggest indy books joining them. It was a great week of comics



Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

Despite the amazing cover the actual book is brilliant. Its an evolution in terms of Jason’s character and the relationships he has made. Its well paced and tells a progressive tail with a crazy ending.




2013-02-20 08-22-43 - Action comics 17-000

Action Comics #17

I have always enjoyed this book as I find it navigates that fine line between the nonsensical and the brilliant. Its always excellently drawn and supremely crafted. I challenge you to read this!




2013-02-20 08-24-10 - Green Lantern 17-000

Green Lantern #17

Finally an issue full of plot advancement and revelation! Still Johns leaves multiple unanswered questions but it is good to see the first lantern in action. I am also enjoying the background to the origin of the universe!




Batwoman (2011-) 017-000

Batwoman #17

This book is stellar. It only gets better and not only does the plot progress to a great conclusion, we are treated to a shock twist of a final page. I cannot wait for the next issues and I think this book should be more promoted than it is.





Nova v5 001-000

Nova #1

The homage to Back to the Future sold this book for me! The story is quite different to the previous Nova books but it is a nice balance between plot and the father son tome. Ed McGuiness is strong as always.




Deadpool 005-000

Deadpool #5

I think I will always put this book in the theatre list because the art is amusing and balances the comedic writing. The dead presidents story, while at first a little bizarre, feels quite becoming of Deadpool.





Daredevil #23

This issue moves into a different direction to the previous ones as we really develop the relationship between Foggy and Matt. The art is impressive and shows it can portray the emotional as well as the explosive.





Captain Marvel #10

Check out my review! Amazing book!





Thor - God of Thunder 005-000

Thor #5

Esad Ribic art continues to impress especially with the epic battle scenes. The arc does not end the Godkiller storyline but delves further into its origin. This is pleasing as the antagonist is a very intriguing bad guy.




Captain America v7 004-000

Captain America #4

It is clear from my blog how much of a fan of Remender I am, which is why I adore this book despite a weak artist in the form of JRJr. Its a shame as we know how incredible he can be but the father and son story is enough to keep me in love.




Revival 007-000

Revival #7

The rural zombie storyline continues but has clearly progressed with its crime thriller motif. Tim Seeley is drawing a fantastic book which is proving to be more than just a horror story in the country.




Saga 010-000

Saga #10

There is little else to say except this book is still storming along and keeping everyone firmly engrossed! It must be bought!




It amazes me how many good books there have been this week. It is my biggest theatre list and it ranges from basic superheros to subtle human storytelling. An incredible week for comics.


  1. The thing that bugged me about “Green Lantern #17” was how they dealt with the Third Army. Month after month of these guys and they’re wiped out in a few panels… 😦

    1. It is a real pain because they built up the third army as a massive crossover but it was quite stifled really. They had an enemy wiping out all species! That is pretty powerful but quite easily negated. It turns out to just be a prologue to a very colourful skeleton called the first lantern. Its frustrating and I wonder how long this new arc will run for.

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