The Theatre List 27/2 – Marvel all the Way!

This week has a number of books on sale but there were some smashing Marvel books on the market. Hawkeye is still one of the most popular but Uncanny X-Men is proving a decent sister book to All New. Only one book from Image this week and there is a real shortage from DC. There is one big book here which involves the death of a family member, I find it difficult to comment upon as I am still generally upset at the events of the book! Despite that it has been another solid week, I will get to a point where I will stop saying that!



The Flash #17

There was a reasonable ending to the Grodd/Rogues/Speedforce tale which updates the status quo. This book has been moving on through a single arc really since the inception of the new 52, which is a long time! I will be happy to see Keystone city return to normality. The book is always well drawn because Francis Manapul is a master and very innovative in his storytelling.



2013-02-27 08-21-20 - Batman Incorporated 8-000

Batman Incorporated #8

I just don’t think I am ready to talk about this yet……I am sorry.






Guardians of the Galaxy0.1-000

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

An solid set up issue to the new book. The story is not necessarily original but it is damn good and very well drawn.




Hawkeye 008-000

Hawkeye #008

If I start talking about this book I will never stop! Its so original and takes story telling to a new level. Just phenomenal. You can read my feelings on the cover as it is exceptional!




Uncanny X-Men v3 002-000

Uncanny X-Men #2

Bendis can write a monologue better than anyone. We finally get a chance to see where Scott and Emma are and it is an emotional reconciliation but not what you think. This is proving an excellent sister book to All New.




X-Men - Legacy v2 006-000

X-Men Legacy #6

Peep my review put up yesterday!





Young Avengers v2 002-000

Young Avengers #2

Jamie McKelvie has lovely precise and simplistic art. It looks great with amazing characterisation and with Gillen at the helm, it is a nicely progressing plot. It is a shame that only half the cast are in this book.





Comeback 004-000

Comeback #4

This plot is moving nicely and the art has a tough challenge this week. It successfully shows how the current timeline is altering as the past changes, at the same time. It is pretty effective and unique!




Black Beetle - No Way Out 002-001Black Beetle #2

Just pure style. Such a well drawn and coloured book. It looks incredible and the gumshoe detective work really comes into play. So much so that is uses the old classic trick – the dropped matchbook from a bar!




I have had a really enjoyable week because of Hawkeye, Black Beetle and the emergence of Legacy. The book which I cant talk about played an important part in the enjoyment of comics for me this week. I shall be able to speak soon…….

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  1. “There is one big book here which involves the death of a family member, I find it difficult to comment upon as I am still generally upset at the events of the book!”
    I second this! 😦

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