The Theatre List 6/3 – No Sex this week!

It has been a great week in comics for because so many books either ended their arcs or became very interesting. I was finally impressed by Mara, the art has always been good but the story never moved for me. The endings to the Glory book and Swamp Thing arc were incredibly emotional and sad. Both Superior and All New took their books to new directions and cemented their intent. I must make mention the strong week for Image.


Swamp Thing (2011-) 018-000

Swamp Thing #18

The cost of Rotworld is finally revealed. It is a tragic end to the tale and there are many beautifully drawn and coloured panels in this book. I always thought Animal was the better book but Swamp Thing has certainly won me over the last few issues





Dial H #10

Peep my review!






Earth 2 #10

This book continues with its solid story and background to Dr Fate. I like how James Robinson has yet to form the group but is developing the rapports between the wonders. Beautifully drawn






Superior Spider-Man #5

The fruition of the first arc comes with a mighty shock. Dan Slott cements the meaning of the word Superior, as he takes Spider Ock to territories that Peter would never go.




Daredevil - End of Days 006-000

Daredevil End of Days #5

This continues to be a brilliant book, both in terms of an enthralling plot and stunning artwork.




Avengers v5 007-000

Avengers #7

I still find this book very unapproachable to the regular comic reader because for a mainstream book, the ideas are quite complex and difficult to follow. It still looks great and is very interesting.




All-New X-Men 008 por Xeon & Nomi Sunraider - LLSW (01)

All New X-Men #8

This issue has taken the build of the last few and laid down the foundations for the young X-Men. The artwork to distinguish the Angel and Warren is incredibly impressive.




Age of Ultron 001-000

Age of Ultron Book 1

This is the Bendis book which has been trying to squeeze itself in with the Marvel Now continuity. I have to say its a good start to the run! It is drawn dark and violent, though seems to be shot at many different angles, not of natural flow. The changes to the Avengers as we know it is shocking!




Mara 003-000

Mara #3

Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire have always drawn with unique style and emphatic colouring. I have never been able to say that about the story until this week!




Snapshot 002-000

Snapshot #2

Jock continues to draw a brilliant real world book about murder, betrayal and conspiracy. As always there is a sweet innocent boy and girl in the mix!




Glory 033 (2013) (Digital) (K6-Empire) 00

Glory #33

Joe Keatinge wraps up his story with a epic finale, full of emotional turmoil and transcendence. Ross Campbell excels himself with the immense battle sequences. A sad end to a wonderful book.





Bedlam #5

The continuation of the Madder Red story is as disturbing as ever. I love this book and its scratchy art style lends itself to the horror.

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