The Theatre List 20/3 – Lots of good books all round, including a free one!

I am not entirely sure if it was a busy week last week, or that I picked up my comics quite late, but I enjoyed a lot of books last week! DC had a a few too but I note that two of them are new titles. Marvel had its regular stalwarts of the month including All New, Superior, DD and Avengers. With the indys there will always be Saga and I was sad to see the end of Comeback, which was a novel idea very hard to pull off in comic format. Private eye was released as a free download, with an option to pay what you like and because I love BKV, I had to give them some payment! There is enough to keep any comic fan happy this week!


Constantine 001 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 01

Constantine #1

There are two reasons why this book is on my list: 1. I love Constantine (he is British after all!) 2. There is a great twist which is truly representative of his personality. Its otherwise a reasonable beginning to a solo career, which is essentially Constantine all over!




Justice League of America #2

I am not sure if its the new cast of characters that interest me, or the movie X-Men like beginning, but I liked this book. I also think that Martian Manhunter has been absent from a justice league book for too long.




2013-03-20 07-29-21 - Action Comics 18-000 c

Action Comics #18

Say what you will about the second arc of this book, but Morrison knows how to deliver a confusing ending! Its not that complex but it is a gratifying end to his arc. His books often lend to re-reading and this will be no different. It still has great colouring and art too.



Batwoman (2011-) 018-000

Batwoman #18

As we leave the Wonder Woman and Medusa arc behind, we are left with an aftermath issue. What is interesting is that Batman makes an unwelcome appearance. This was excellently drawn and quite tense, and highlights the fact that Kate is not really part of the Bat family.




Daredevil #24

Another brilliant issue with great art and subtle bits of humour. I love how DD tries to look back over the past few issues and work out who is actually behind all the shenanigans.




Avengers v5 008-000

Avengers #8

I really enjoy this book, even though the past few issues were character backgrounds. Hickman is drawing in those themes and bringing resolution to the grandiose themes he been introducing throughout.




All-New X-Men 009-000

All New X-Men #9

The development of the young X-men is certainly interesting because it’s as if they accelerate into the people they are meant to be. Once you know your future, do you then try harder to become it? This is the key to this book and I hope that the pay-off is worth it, its a good foundation.




Captain Marvel #11

Andrade ar always keeps me hooked on this book. Its wonderful and Carol is such a realistic character, amongst being a superhero. The trials and tribulations of trying to life a normal life, just don’t come easy to Captain Marvel!




Nova v5 002-000

Nova #2

As you can read in my last post, McGuinness is excelling on this book. The story is moving reasonably and we are just waiting for it to become more than a stereotypical boy with powers.





Superior Spider-Man #6

Doc Ock is really coming through as Spider-Man. I do not mean that he is taken to being a hero, but he is becoming himself as Spidey. This has now become a little uncomfortable for us and the Avengers! Its moving along at a subtle and interesting pace.



Captain America v7 005-000

Captain America #5

What an ending! Great twists and turns and the plot is unique and original. Read this book!






Private Eye #1

I love the beginnings of new books in crazy communities of weird people. Well written, enough to keep you interested. Not a huge fan of the artwork as of yet.



Comeback #5

This book was always difficult to end, because time travel allows all sorts of confusing possibilities. Its a reasonable finale to a well drawn and sometimes hard to follow book. Amazing cover!




Saga 011-000

Saga #11

The space soap opera continues! The first couple of pages are a little graphic but I just love me some sexy Alana!

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