The Theatre List 3/4 – And I thought I was a Marvel fanboy?

I quite enjoyed this weeks comics, especially the great first issue of Polarity and finally getting hold of Dia De Los Muertos. Animal Man and Swamp Thing did well in tying up their Rotworld arcs, setting precedents for the upcoming change in creative teams. Marvel were pretty poor for me with an uninspiring Age of Ultron and a frustrating All New X-Men. Thanos Rising was reasonable but I have never been a fan of the art and Superior just didn’t excite me this week. I would like to think that this week is proof that I am not a biased comic fan towards Marvel, but a fan of all comics! P.S. I did not get Glory this week.


Animal Man (2011-) 019-000

Animal Man #19

The consequences of Rotworld have hid Buddy and his family hard. It is times like these that they need to stand together, unfortunately it is not that simple and Animal barks up the wrong tree. It is sad but worthwhile to see some character development ready for the new creative team.



Swamp Thing (2011-) 019-000

Swamp Thing #19

To follow with the above rationale, this book sets up a new character disposition for Alec and I am interested to see where it goes. The temporary migration to Metropolis does not feel forced either and I am looking forward to Holland’s catharsis.




Earth 2 (2012-) 011-000

Earth 2 #11

Quite simply a fresh origin superhero story written very well and drawn beautifully. It takes the staple theme of every hero and expresses it slowly and naturally. I am not sure how much credit this book receives but it needs more!





Dial H #11

The fact that this book pays homage to a mainstream superhero’s powers, without the obvious lip service for more buys, is testament to the honesty of this book. As confusing as it is, the main characters are endearing and their relationship is tested in ways never before seen. This is one of my favourite books full stop.



Deadpool 7-01

Deadpool #7

This is a filler issue, not because I say so, but because the writers do. The plot and art is pitched as an old school issue and there are many jokes to be had. The fact that Deadpool flies drunk in the Iron Man costume, with black spray paint to personalise the mask, is ingenious and hilarious. I highlighted my favourite panels in Aaron Meyers Best of the Week post! Brilliant for a filler issue.





Bedlam #6

The end of the first arc is met with some resolution but more so with terrifying anticipation. Riley Rossmo maintains the high standard of art with the exaggerating outlines and iconic gothic depictions. I am scared to see where this book goes next.





Mind the Gap #9

This is an interesting issue which actually goes to decent lengths to provide new clues to the plot. What is more interesting is that this book is almost silent and guest artist Dan McDaid shines on the artwork. The blue hue colouring fits the mood of the comic and really makes this issue special, compared to the norm.



polarity 15

Polarity #1

An exceptional book with fantastic art. I shall be posting a review!






Uber #1

I was generally surprised at this book, as the superpower soldier motif runs dry, given we already have Cap. Kieron Gillen kept me interested because the book depicts the Germans and the Russians running scared, and the Ubermen are legitimately terrifying.






Dia De La Muertos #2

The Mexican day of the dead celebration is relatively new to me but it is exceptionally enthralling. The makeup art and underlying ghostly themes of this book are new and refreshing. It is a compilation of short stories and they cover a range of emotions and Rossmo is great as expected. That should not take away from the other artists creating great work in this book.


  1. I eagerly anticipate your review for POLARITY. Some blogs I follow seem pretty turned off by it, while others seem to enjoy it. The premise and art seem fantastic to me, but I always try to stay away from celebrity written comics. With the exception of Gerard Way, I never find them worth reading.
    I agree with a lot of what you said about Marvel last week. Everybody seemed to be praising ANXM but it felt like only a minor chunk of story. I never like that feeling of not having a full meal, even though these stories are infinitely ongoing, I still like to be satisfied at the end of a read. Anyway, fun reading your thoughts as always!

    1. I decided to tradewait Uber as Avatar make nice collections. Glad to hear it’s off to a strong start

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