Cover of the Week 17/4 – Captain America 6 by John Romita Jr

Captain America 006-000John Romita Jr has been a little off key for me recently, though I have thoroughly enjoyed his work over the years. Captain America is a decent book and I love how Remender has taken Steve Rogers to another dimension, in order to work a new angle. This cover is excellent because it is Cap at his most determined. He is bruised and he is beaten but he is running forward, unwavering and resolute. Rogers is leaning forwards with his back leg in the air, running at full pelt. It is drawn particularly well as it is fluid and dynamic.  His facial expression is quite intimidating and his eyes are drawn half closed to imply focus. The left hand gesture is particularly aggressive as he seems ready to form a fist and unleash his aggression. The final act of violent dramatisation is the rain. In many artforms, especially kung fu movies the addition of rain seems to enhance the emotional content of the situation. It is well displayed as the diamond shaped drops splash off his body and drips down his face. The final touch of  splashes around his foot completes the image. This is Captain America, he is running, and he is coming for you.

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