The Theatre List 17/4 – DC are flagging once again

A good weeks for comics on the whole, with a huge contribution from Marvel. I have already posted my thoughts on Justice League but New Guardians was also quite weak and I resent that we are at part 11 of the first lantern arc, when certainly there have not been 11 issues of arc progression. The Iron Man arc finished with an interesting twist but it was not enough to make it a must read. I also wish I could have read Chew this week, but I need to catch up with my trades first! I also make mention of Wonder Woman book which has become quite the mythological soap of late, and the phenomenal Batwoman title.



Wonder Woman #19

Brian Azzarello has progressed nicely with Diana’s supporting cast. I initially thought they would gradually fade but many of them are here to stay and I am pleased about that. I would like to see Wonder Woman play more than the babysitter role but the Orion shenanigans are very amusing.



Batwoman (2011-) 019-000

Batwoman #19

I think I shared everyone’s concerns when J.H.Williams III came off the art in this book, but I would like to be one of the first to say that Trevor McCarthy will do this title justice. The art is lovely and the family legacy theme to this book is running strong. One of the best books this week.




2013-04-18 12-27-28 - Superior Spider-Man #8-000

Superior Spider-Man #8

This is was great. I await to review this book properly but Doc Ock is really putting Peter to shame with his surgical skills! What I enjoy most is how ghost Peter plays the voice of the doubting observer and is continually made to look the fool. The title of this book is proving quite apt and I am enjoying being proved wrong (though technically Spider-Man is not Peter Parker!).



Captain America 006-000

Captain America #6

There were some panels in this book I really did not like, but the story is making excellent ground. The father son theme is twisting and turning and I am enjoying Remender’s narrative.





Captain Marvel #12

This issue continued the fight scene with Deathbird, whilst doctors ponder Carol’s medical condition. This was not a strong an issue as previously but it is moving well with great art from Andrade.





Daredevil #25

I always enjoy a good tactical battle told from the perspective of Daredevil and this issue is no exception. Samnee has created beautiful sequences of panels and delivers a dynamic fluid fight scene.





Daredevil End of Days #7

Janson’s art pays great homage to Maleev and Mack’s work on Bendis’ Daredevil run. He could have easily pencilled for Bendis and the mood of the book would be intact. For that alone I can buy this book, but the story is also pretty good too.




Nova v5 003-000

Nova #3

I am loving Mcguinness’ art on this book and the action sequences are stunning. It is a great way to introduce a new Nova hero and it remains fun and enjoyable.




X-Men Legacy 009-000

X-Men Legacy #9

What an incredible stand alone issue. Spurrier pays a lovely homage to Watchmen, whilst delivering a moral tale on a date with Ruth and David. The art may take some getting used to but it is perfect for the mind of Legion.





Cyberforce (2012) 004-000

Cyberforce #4

When it comes to fantasy governmental conspiracy tales, it does not get much better than this. The hidden saviour of the people is finally revealed with a great twist and Pham delivers on all out action and epic stature.




Mara 004-000

Mara #4

Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire completely strip the art to basic principles. There is little background detail and the main character is draw beautifully and expressively. Mara may not express much emotion but her thoughts are clear. The development of Mara has been slow and steady but this only serves to crescendo her mystery and power.



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