Cover of the Week 1/5 – Animal Man 20 by Jae Lee

Animal-Man_20_Full-665x1024Incredibly this is the first time I have had the opportunity to discuss the wonderful artwork of Jae Lee. He is another artist with a style so unique to himself that no peer comes close. His characters are all important and play a role in the scene around the main character. This is shown here with the child in awe, the old man missing the action, the ticket booth attendant leaning into view and most impressively the dogs. Jae has a great appreciation for fashion and his clothes are always important to his artwork. The people have coloured individual apparel with immaculately detailed creases. I also enjoy that every individual hairstyle involves a quiff or a curl of hair. The postures of this characters are all purposeful and eloquent, including the minor support cast. The lady being rescued has very straight limbs and bent precisely with her toes on point. Animal Man is standing straight, arms are locked whilst holding a villain in one and gently holding the hand of the fair maiden. I find that the people featured in the scene are minimally physically interactive and the motion is muted. As a cover artist Jae Lee is incredible but sometimes his whole comic issues are on the static side. It is almost as if the scene is a posed photograph, which actually works as a promo piece for the film and comic. The theme of this cover is very close to the book, as Buddy Baker is an actor and played the hero in the poster behind him. The mirroring of both heros is beautiful representations of the head held high gallantry of Buddy and Red Thunder. It is saddened by the knowledge that both will fall from that height. The cover is gorgeous and poignant and tells a lovely story of the good times in Buddy’s life.

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