Cover of the Week 8/5 – Fearless Defenders 4 by Mark Brooks

Fearless Defenders 04-000

Mark Brooks is really beginning to enjoy creating the covers of Fearless Defenders. His imagination was in full effect with a previous issue where it appeared a plastic wrapped Dani Moonstar figure was being given away with the book. It was a feat of artistic colouring and depth perception. The cover brings back memories of cutting figures from cereal boxes or from magazine inserts, where you can create a standing figure with interchangeable clothes. The tabs and subtle instructions are wonderful details adding to the effect, especially as they are also apparent in the title of the book. Valkyrie is looking slender and alluring in her surprisingly practical underwear, and I genuinely appreciate that fact that Brooks does not have her in a more revealing Victoria Secret lingerie. The costumes look incredible with great colouring on the metalwork and I really like the cape and helmet version of the outfit. I admire Brooks’ dedication to the angle as the smallest arm amulets are included on the page, together with a dagger and small Thor doll. Even his signature has cut away tabs. I am convinced that if you were to print or copy this page into card, then it would genuinely be able to function as a cut out standing character. Even from the previews I thought it would be tough to beat the ingenuity and style of this front page, which is why it shines as my cover of the week.

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