The Theatre List 8/5 – Quality not quantity!

This past week seemed to have fewer books on sale but I have left a few comics behind that I have lost faith in. Constantine has been weak and a dilute version of the main character and not worth getting. Green Lantern Corps was apparently the epilogue to the Wrath arc which, though makes it hard to actually read, was poor in its wrap up. As much as I like the development of the Uncanny Avengers story, with respect to continuing the children of Apocalypse storyline from Uncanny X-Force, it is far from the initial book it was planned to be. There are only small references to mutant and human relationship and it does not live up to its title. I have started to grow tired of Avenger’s Academy as it still seems obsessed with character exposition in place of actual plot development.


2013-05-08 07-33-43 - Batman (2011-) 020-000-Cover01

Batman #20

A perfectly solid second parter with some lovely touches relating to recent tragedies. This creative team can do little wrong and their relationship is certainly in full bloom. Not overtly impressed by the back up story.




2013-05-08 07-36-34 - Batman and Robin (2011-) 020-000-Cover01

Batman & Robin #20

I was quite against the idea of this book as Bruce is quite cruel to Jason, but then I realised it was to punish himself. Bruce has developed self harm as a coping strategy and its devastating to see how far he is falling. An interesting issue, superbly drawn.





Thor - God of Thunder 008-000

Thor #8

Peep my review!





Secret Avengers 04-000

Secret Avengers #4

Nick Spencer has really turned his arc around with this issue. It is exciting, innovative and had twists and turns, becoming quite the espionage drama. I am quite pleased to see its progress and am looking forward to more spy work from the Avengers.




Avengers v5 011-000

Avengers #11

You would not be criticised for thinking that this book was written by someone else. There are no hugely powerful bad guys and there is no mention of the word Apocalypse. The comic portrayed a funny spy drama in a bad guy infested casino. The B list Avengers are proving themselves out of depth and in great spirit as they take a break from impending doom.




Deadpool #9

Now that the voices in Deadpool’s head have names, we can really enjoy the repartee in his mind. Another fantastically amusing issue with short sharp boosts of funny in a strangely carrying set of scenes.






Uber #1

A little on the dialogue heavy side but the retelling of the end of WWII has never been so engrossing. The heavy weapons of the Third Reich are slowly brought into the frame and it starts to get interesting. A slower and less exciting book compared to its #0 issue




Private Eye #2

I respect the dedication to digital of BKV but I find the format a little rigid. It does allow for more letterbox and sequential panels but I imagine if it was a hardcopy it would be a strange size. Either way the gumshoe story is moving well with some interesting plot developments and the artwork by Marcos Martin is exceptionally suited to the theme of the book.

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