The Theatre List 21/5 – In the middle of war, love reigns supreme

It was a smallish week anyhow but for the record the smallest number of books I have ever recommended. This is surely not a bad thing as long as the books selected are a decent read, and with Batwoman and X-Factor amongst the ranks, they certainly are. I found Green Hornet an odd book because I quite like the tone and idea, but it just does not work for me. It is too politics heavy and not enough character disposition. Wonder Woman is another book that is beginning to lose it’s momentum because it is so focused on mythology that it seems to lose interest. Every issue seems to continue with the hunting of the last child of zeus by introducing another sibling for Diana to fight. She is being lost in the mix and I want her to be more prominent. Otherwise there is a reasonable mix of books:



Batwoman #20

I forget how amazing this book is and I am always refreshed when I get to read it. The story is so incredible because it is bringing back an essential character from its first run a few years ago. McCarthy is also doing a solid job on the art by keeping up the JH theme and maintaining the beauty





X-Factor #256

When a book has a shocking irreversible turn of events then you know something is changing. Peter David is ending this run and times are a changing. The characters he has developed are his to destroy and this is where it gets interesting.




Avengers - The Enemy Within 001-000

Avengers The Enemy Within #1

I do not like crossovers, especially with “essential” one-shots but this was different. It is simply another Captain Marvel book that introduces the crossover with Assemble but gives enough story and progression that it does feel needed. Kelly Sue is continuing her great run and Carol is as intriguing as ever.



FF v2 007-000

FF #7

I normally buy this book because it is cute and fun. The kids are hilarious and the art is lovely but in this issue it excels with with story and action. It impressed me to see the book move in a direction I thought may be difficult for it.




Wolverine and the X-Men 029-000

Wolverine & the X-Men #29

I rarely find Wolverine’s nostalgic trips interesting but this was quite fresh and well executed. The school feels small but intimate and seeing the evolution of Broo and Idie as character is exciting and fearful.






The Legend of Luther Strode #5

The book excelled the run this week as the excessively violent Luther found his motivation. It turned from a gorefest to a lovely story about a relationship and how far people will go for one another. The colouring really shone this week and enhanced the artwork.




Non-Humans #3

An incredible analogy of inter-racial politics using toys. A great concept from the creators, of whom the cool Noah Dorsey is one. We have been waiting a while for this issue and it is certainly worth it, as the info dump heavy initial issues certainly developed the foundations for this issue. A crucial twist and a world we are beginning to empathise with. Wonderful

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