The Theatre List 19/6 – A whole three DC books!

It was another interesting week and there were a few books that I found disappointing. As much as I love Ming Doyle’s art it was not enough to love the final issue of the Mara arc. It just seems like a long opener with a story that could have been told in a couple of issues. Superior Spider-Man was relatively decent but I do not care for J Jonah Jameson or the Slayer, and I think this hinders my enjoyment somewhat. I remain thoroughly unconvinced T’Challa and Namor should be fighting and Mind the Gap appear to be becoming an average conspiracy story. The good books were great and there were a couple of nice surprises.


Wonder-Woman-021-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01 Wonder Woman #21 This issue was astoundingly good at a strong action sequence with Orion and Wonder Woman laying the smack down on the Crippler of Souls. There was a great sense of impact and power with Cliff Chiang’s art.





Batwoman-021-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01 Batwoman #21 I was interested to see how they would use Francavilla on this book. His art is unique and very niche. It worked surprisingly well at telling a Croc story, especially his detailing and colouring. It was strange but perfectly suited to Francesco.





Batman-and-Batgirl_21_Full-665x1024Batman & Batgirl #21 This was another post Damien issue which is becoming a little tiresome. The dialogue between Barbara and Bruce was great and simultaneously emphasises Batgirl’s disappointment and Batman’s solitude.






Avengers v5 014-000 Avengers #14 Hickman’s slow long build is coming to fruition as we head into Infinity. Great artwork and an interesting plot developments but, like I always said, the intellectual foundations laid must evolve past a physical battle.





Indestructible Hulk 009-000 Indestructible Hulk #9 You need to see Aaron Meyer’s BOTW post ( to appreciate my love for a page of this book. This is how to do a team up comic because the story makes progress and both characters (written by Waid) relating excellently.




Uncanny Avengers 009-000

Uncanny Avengers #9 This book is making progress with regards to the Apocalypse twins, which is very compelling but also the exploration of the themes of race and prejudice. Acuna is producing decent art too.





X-Men Legacy 012-000 X-Men: Legacy #12 The finale to the second arc comes with an interesting twist and X-Men team up, well kind of! The story is amazing and Legion is manipulating everyone around him! I just love the art too.






Revival 011 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Revival #11 What a great book as we end the first season of Revival. The arc had made good progress, which had been accused of being slow in the past. Em is a great character and it is great to see her become more physical.

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