The Theatre List 24/7 – Gamma is the Alpha dog!

As I slowly reduced my pull list to the remaining indy books, I was incredibly impressed with Gamma. A completely unexpected gem of a one shot, not to say that Green Hornet, Thumbprint and Lazarus weren’t impressive. Trinity War was reasonable and is progressing nicely but is not wowing me. I also notice that both New Avengers and Uncanny Avengers feature the introduction of the ominous opposing forces and are almost interchangeable as “war” based arcs. Batman/Superman was solid enough but the story just does not grab me and Jae Lee is beautiful but hindering the action, and just does not differentiate enough between the two versions of each character. I enjoyed Superior Spider-Man but it still lacks that defining feature for me. Despite all my complaints there were some brilliant books, including Hawkeye of course!



The Flash #22

Propping up the DC end of the table all alone is the brilliant Manapul. We are beginning to see a new version of the speed force, which was described in great detail by Geoff Johns. I admire how Iris is playing a more prominent role despite Barry having eyes for Miss Spivot.




Hawkeye Annual 001-000

Hawkeye Annual #1

Even though Pulido and Francavilla technically counts as a fill in artist, the way Fraction and Aja run this book, they have a distinct role in this book. They partake in a side plot that runs alongside the main one and afford the opportunity for Pulido to build on the previous arc, The Tape. We see Kate leave Clint, which has now been shown by three different artists, and move the the West coast only to be confronted by Madame Masque again!


Wolverine and the X-Men 033-000

Wolverine & the X-Men #33

This was such a lovely issue of personal reflection and development for all of our characters. It is almost the calm introspection prior to the final battle, except it is only issue three of five. I am interested to see where this goes but I have immense faith in Aaron and in this title.



Uncanny Avengers 010-000

Uncanny Avengers #10

This is the classic revelation of the bad guys in order to frighten our protagonists with insurmountable odds. Each nemesis is specific to one of our heroes and their previous relationships. The writing and art is solid and I am genuinely excited by the coming of the Apocalypse twins.



New Avengers v3 008-000

New Avengers #8

A similar issue to above with the tension slowly, ever so slowly, rising and finally coming to a head. It is exciting and the reveal of villainy at the end was pretty cool. Im interesting to see how Infinity will change things.




Young Avengers v2 008-000Young Avengers #8

This book is exceptional. Gillen has mastered the art of the angst teenager and troubled adult with flair and style. It is modern and almost black in its comedy. A once loved character of mine returned this issue and has made me very happy. Oh, and as if you didn’t know, Loki is awesome.





Lazarus #2

This book goes a long way to explaining the origins of Eve and refines the nature vs nurture argument. Well drawn and good plot progression leading to an exciting book.




Joe Hill's Thumbprint 002-000

Thumbprint #2

This was once again incredibly uncomfortable a book. The topics covered are hard to swallow and Malhotra makes them hard to watch. A brilliant artistic interpretation of horror and terror taking you on a rickety scary roller coaster. A wonderful feat of graphic art.



The Green Hornet - Digital Exclusive Edition 004-000

Green Hornet #4

I have found this book hit and miss of late but this issue really takes the book into a unique direction. When you find yourself losing faith in your lead character and you follow his old protege, then the book is working completely against your expectations. There are some brilliant splash pages as we watch Hornet descend into chaos, and watch people lose faith around him.



Gamma One-Shot-000

Gamma #1

This one shot Dark Horse comic features the Coward. He is former hero who was the best monster fighter in the world. Now he is just a bum at a bar, taking a physical beating for a buck. His life story is compelling and his resurgence is welcomed, though I am not sure about his obsession with sex. Buy this book, it is brilliant.



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