Cover of the Week – Batman Incorporated #13 by Chris Burnham

Batman Incorporated (2012-) 013-000I have promoted Chris Burnham’s art for a long time on HOFS, to the point where his Iconic Art Post is the most viewed page on the site. As he continues to astound on Incorporated, he brings a unique infiniteness to the cover of the finale. The page features Bruce’s chest plate in some detail, with the Batman symbol the focus of the cover. Very cleverly he has shone a light at the centre of the silhouetted symbol to reveal non other that Bruce himself. It is a fear inducing sight as he is scowling whilst reaching out to us. The perspective is precise as his hands sprawled out of the page, but within the confines of the symbol. The fact that Batman is is emerging from his own chest is a wondrous touch, as upon the flying bat is another symbol revealing yet another flying bat. There is an eternal continuity visualised beautifully, and it has many a metaphorical interpretation. The Bat will always live and continue to fight for those in need. The symbol strikes fear with a literal Batman flying ready to strike. My preferred one is that of a mental repetitive psychological condition: for as long as the Bat symbol exists, there will always be a angry Batman fighting for peace, but never finding solace. Within the context of the Incorporated story arc, this imagery is befitting as Bruce will probably never recover from the loss of his son. A stunning cover for a stunning run.

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