The Theatre List 31/7 – A monster in a sea of mediocrity

There was a generally decent standard of comics this week, but there were few stellar highlights. We will come to my favourite books of the week but I left a few of the list. The Flash Annual was reasonable especially the backstory, but there was something missing between the Hal and Barry relationship. Guardians was a little confused, but the ridiculous cheesecake splash page ruined the interesting twist at the finale. I really enjoyed FF but as soon as creators insert themselves into a book, it is a massive self indulgent failing for me.  X-Men really disappointed me, because as much as I like the risk taken in keeping the final fight out of sight, there is not enough depth for it to satisfy without it. Anyway that is enough negativity, lets get on with the list.


Batman (2011-) - Annual 002-000

Batman Annual #2

With the help of Scott Snyder, Marguerite Bennett has developed a great Arkham plot with a brilliant antagonist, going by the name of The Anchoress. The idea is lovely and well executed and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. It is interesting that the book is told from the point of view of an Arkham orderly!



Animal Man (2011-) - Annual 002-000

Animal Man Annual #2

This is another journey to redemption story for Buddy Baker and involved a Spider queen villain! The art is wonderfully disturbing and the story plays out to a terribly sad end. Just a deeply emotional book. Check out my BOTW contribution at Read Comic Books –



Batman Incorporated (2012-) 013-000

Batman Incorporated #13

This was an interesting finale to the run and covered a lot of ground, filling some gaps, but leaving many wide open. The art is brilliant and the interview between Bruce and Jim is fantastic. As much as I do not like the final fight and the twist ending, the book still remains great.




X-Men - Legacy v2 014-000

X-Men Legacy #14

We continue our journey with Legion, as he tries to use his powers for the betterment of mankind. The abuse of his powers to manipulate people is impressive and essentially immoral, even with good outcomes. The concept is interesting and I am expecting great things as it continues!



Uncanny X-Men v3 009-000

Uncanny X-Men #9

I love this book because I adore how Bachalo draws the school kids and how Bendis writes them. They are a little more adult like than Wolverine’s trainees, and are wonderfully amusing. The plot is otherwise slow as always, but it is nice to see Dazzler in more of a prominent role.



Uncanny X-Force v2 009-000

Uncanny X-Force #9

The strange menage a quatre comes to fruition, and not in a good way. The Fantomex character becomes more disturbing as ever but he only just remains feasible. There was a great romance between Betsy and Fantomex when written by Remender, but Humphries takes that and reduces it to baser levels, essentially because his character is divided into three. The interactions between the three clones is disturbing enough to add depth to their strange relationship with Betsy. Plus the art is lovely.



Daredevil #29

I do miss Samnee’s art but Rodriguez is continuing the theme and tone well. In fact there are some lovely billy club adjoining panels. Daredevil doing his best to defend a former enemy is a fresh and great new viewpoint for DD. The final panel is a sight to behold!





Collider #1

This first issue was a fantastic start to an interesting science based book. The art is very suited to showing the physics estranged environments and the main characters, though cliche, are very well crafted. It reminds me of Nowhere Men and so it temporarily fills that hole, but hold it’s own.



The Wake

The Wake #3

This is one action packed issue and whilst the animal is on the attack, I can here the ominous dripping of water around me. Great paced action and an excellent reveal from the protagonist. Not overly origin but well written with such emphatic art from the legendary Sean Murphy

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