The Theatre List 18/9 – Some pure delights!

When I recommend twelve books in one week, you have to assume it was a good week! However there are still some disappointments including a number of DC villain books. There seems to be a trend of the regular writers producing the goods and the guests not quite hitting the mark. Some of the artwork has been far from spectacular, having said that, this week has had some decent books. Battle of the Atom still frustrates for the usual reasons and I am expectant of issue five. Interestingly Superior Spider-Man was solid but I think my lack of rapport with the future Spidey stops me from fully enjoying the book. I have yet to review Superior even though I have put it on this list a number of times, I feel that my lack of historical knowledge prevents my full appreciation of the character. That will need correcting…


The Flash (2011-) - Featuring Rogues23.3-000

The Flash 23.3 – The Rogues

Alison Berry says it best at comicosity when she discusses the choices made by Manapul when selecting which villains are to be part of the Rogues. I do miss Boomerang but I did enjoy this book and the ethos of the Rogues is a massive selling point.



Batman and Robin (2011-) - Featuring Ra's al Ghul & League of Assassins23.3-000

Batman & Robin 23.3 – Ra’s Al Ghul

This book was written by James Tynion VI and he really is on point with the character. The background and flashbacks are accurate and up to date, and there are some great panels depicting the essence of Ra’s. I am not quite sure how he has returned but who knows in this new 52 world.




Action Comics 23.3 – Lex Luthor

This was an intriguing comic because it was written relatively well. It has the usual cliche Lex behaviours but, in a world without Superman, his actions remained unchecked. This conjures terrifying thoughts and that is what this comic successfully portrayed. The art was disappointing but not bad.




Justice League 23.3 – Dial E

This was a superb final goodbye to the book I have thoroughly enjoyed. This issue is as crazy as them all but, fittingly, we have a different artist on every page, drawing each twist of the dial. Immense and upsetting at the same time.





X-Men - Legacy v2 017-000

X-Men Legacy #17

This issue represents a culmination of stories that started at the beginning of the book. It is Scott vs David, adopted son vs actual son. The actual plot is laid behind layers of cover and lies and as it is slowly revealed, we are left in a daze wondering what is actually going on? The book is excellently drawn too.



Thor - God of Thunder 013-000

Thor #13

The first sequence is breathtaking enough for you to buy this book. Once again Aaron is brilliantly at creating villains and this sets up another epic battle for Thor. We lose Ribic but gain Garney who is drawing very well and apt for a God.




Secret Avengers v2 009-000

Secret Avengers #9

This book is subtly brilliant, with themes being addressed since the inception of Spencer’s run. The art is dark, murky and as seedy as the world in which our spies inhabit. To top it all off we even have a surprising twist which brought a smile to my face.



Infinity 003-000

Infinity #3

This book continues to thrive our lust for action and resolution. It is excellently written and wonderfully drawn, with fantastic pacing and subtle reveals. Can you tell I like this book?!




Daredevil v3 031-000Daredevil #31

I shall be reviewing this book later this week because it is incredible.






Captain Marvel #16

Kelly Sue has made me fall for Carol Danvers and I am emotionally invested in her fate. It ties in with Infinity and provides a differing viewpoint of the main sequence of events. I also like Carol’s responses and tactics throughout this book, even though her memory is gone she is still very endearing.




zero1 copy

Zero #1

Incredible! See my review from last night.






Half Past Danger #5

I just adore this book still. I love how Stephen Mooney has created this world where an Indiana Jones character is embroiled in World War espionage which involves dinosaurs. It sounds ridiculous but the characters are so vibrant and likeable that the book just works.



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