Cover of the Week 25/9 – Saga #14 by Fiona Staples

Saga 014-000

There are so many reasons why this cover is incredibly beautiful and was instantly my cover of the week. Fiona Staples has a wonderful grasp of composition as our characters stand on a hill looking into the distance, perfectly positioned with the angle of the slope, the title of the book and the strangely shaped moons in the background. This would be such a perfectly set photograph. Our characters, though not characteristically obvious, fit the role of mother and daughter, as Sophie is in wonderment of her surroundings delicately shielding her eyes from the sun. Gwendolyn has a lovely demeanour as she is stood with hands on hip in an alluring pose, with staff in a delicately poised hand. She is looking around almost as if she is checking the surroundings and has the weapon for protection, maternal if you will. The colouring is so refined as the straw-like field is swaying with the wind, with a pale green sky and lightly shaded moon. Given the skin tones of Gwendolyn and Sophie, it is impressive how the shading on their face really brings out the lighting of the scene. This whole cover is pleasing to the eye and even the lettering is positioned with exquisite balance, and it is easy to underestimate the use of angles in the scene. Overall it is a gorgeous landscape with feelings of warmth in a cool breeze, hosting two adorning characters.

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