The Theatre List 25/9 – The dominance of Image

Incredibly this was a very exciting week without me having to buy a considerably large sized pull. Marvel was seemingly light compared to the heavy Image weighting of the independent section. Both Infinity and Battle of the Atom has strong releases and the usual three villains books made the list. By far the biggest disappointment of the week was Sinestro for most people, for me it was not as bad as expected. Interestingly I had already made up my mind that no matter what, this book was not part of the Johns legacy and it was separate from everything that came before. Essentially I had already ignored its existence because I was so infuriated that it even existed in the first place. I do appreciate that it may negate the noble exit of our beloved hero, but I refused to let it. Do not be upset because it will never be remembered in place of the phenomenal Green Lantern #20. Let’s rock;

DC Comics

Batman and Robin (2011-) - Featuring Killer Croc23.4-000

Batman and Robin #23.4 – Killer Croc

This book was quite a reflection on the new Killer Croc and had some interesting insights to his childhood. There was an underlying personality trait that permeated through the book, Croc is powerful but not as bright as he thinks he is. It fits well with his new 52 character and was a solid comic.




Justice League of America #7.4 – Black Adam

I enjoyed this book mainly because it featured the return of Black Adam and I really like him as a villain. The middle eastern civil war backdrop was interesting and modern, its not overly reflective but it tries quite hard. Im excited to see where DC take our beloved bad man.




Wonder Woman 23.2 – First Born

Azzarello keeps faithful to his story and essentially continues it in this villains issue. I doubt it bears relevance to villains month which is important to being honest to your character. Instead it reads as any Azzarello Wonder Woman book and he has a free run to an interesting origin story with no sway to villains month.




Young Avengers v2 010-000

Young Avengers #10

The second page of this comic is worth its money alone. Our villain Mother physically eats a thought box! The comic is great because it features Hulkling and the vengeance of Leah. There are some wonderfully humorous moments and McKelvie’s art is great as always.



Wolverine and the X-Men 036-000

Wolverine & the X-Men #36

This was a surprisingly good issue of the Battle of the Atom saga and has a wonderfully expressed Cyclops and Cyclops and Jean vs Jean action sequences. There is also an added twist to justify another five chapters!




Avengers v5 020-000

Avengers #20

Just wonderful. There are some great scenes revolving around the Gardeners and the enigma of Abyss is exposed. This may be the key to survival and the restoration of Mother. Excellent story and sublime art.





Sex Criminals 001 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Sex Criminals #1

This is a very strange book but it does contain, sex, bright lights, and the loss of innocence. It is a novel concept told with hilarity and a very unique power to commit crime, and yes, it does involve intercourse.





Revival #14

Once again another great issue with reflections on a young reviver who is after the monster in the forest. The action is so well visualised and is genuinely surprisingly towards the end. The details are slowly being released and Revival is paying off.




Fatale 017-000

Fatale #17

What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Its the same, great writing, great art, static plot. It reads like other issues and it is a big ask to keep people enticed with no reveals about our central character. However it is still a great book.




East of West 006-000

East of West #6

This is an interesting issue as we suddenly change tact and introduce new players into the game. This book has some way to go yet and I wonder how well it will be received. The momentum is huge but this slows it down somewhat, especially considering how much love we have developed for death.



Saga 014-000

Saga #14

I have missed this book so dearly. This issue was excellent and manages to cover so many characters, whilst keeping in touch with their vulnerabilities. When have you ever seen vomiting on a baby in a comic?





Jupiter’s Legacy #3

I wonder how this book will play out because the cover is certainly one big spoiler. These three issues link well and the story is relatively straightforward and exceptionally well drawn. However reading the next issue will be a few years in the future, makes me think we are onto a cliche superheroes take over the world book. Hmmmmm



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