The Theatre List 9/10 – This weeks missing link? The X-Men

The last few weeks have produced some excellent comics and this week was no exception, the number of comics on this list is testament to that. I reluctantly admit that Superman and Wonder Woman was a decent book and went against all expectation. Zero year’s first arc ended superbly and Infinity continued spectacularly. I must also make mention of Arkham War, which was very much a Banecentric issue and was pretty solid. Im interested to see what happens when the bad guys take over Gotham, but I cannot help but feel it is a No Man’s Land story being played out. Battle of the Atom took and uninspired path where the future X-Men finally attacked the present and young X-Men. I really hope the big pay off is worth it, otherwise all this posturing and build will be for nothing. Let’s rock.


2013-10-09 07-16-49 - Batman (2011-) 024-000

Batman #24

Check my review!





Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 001-000

Superman Wonder Woman #1

I quite enjoyed this book because the art was well produced and the story did not shy away from the important issues. I like Diana’s resentment at hiding their relationship and how Soule handles Clark in this situation. There is an exceptional double page spread of action, interspersed with subtle silhouettes of Clark and Diana’s date.



2013-10-09 07-17-49 - Green Lantern Corps (2011-) 024-000

Green Lantern Corps #24

Light’s Out continues! What a fantastic issue and the creative team have slowly built this arc, allowing us to fully receive the disaster encountered. I hate to say it but this was a game changing issue, and it did not feel forced. I look forward to the on coming  revelations.





Wolverine #10

This book was a great surprise for me. For the first time I actually felt Wolverine’s life was threatened now he has lost his healing factor. The story is not overtly original but it is well written and Alan Davis shines, as he has done many times before. I am genuinely surprised that I have recommended both Wolverine books in one month.



Thor - God of Thunder 014-000

Thor #14

This issue took down the momentum a step after a phenomenal first issue, but was a solid book nonetheless. The art is once again suitably epic and not hiding in the shadow of Ribic. The plot is progressing but the pacing may seem a little off with a second confrontation so soon, but it is still exciting.



Deadpool v4 018-000

Deadpool #18

Once again the insertion of Cap and Wolverine into this book feels quite natural and for the first time ever, I feel credibility is being associated with the name Deadpool. The emotions actually started to kindle and if this creative team can succeed with this novel idea in a Deadpool book, then this arc will be exceptional.



Infinity 004-000

Infinity #4

This book heralded the might of Thor and Mjolnir and took this war by the scruff of the neck. In other news, Thanos’ son took his first step in his father’s footsteps. Just amazing storytelling.






Rocket Girl #1

There were two things I liked about this book: The artwork was lovely and the writing accurately reflected the innocent exuberance of a teenage girl. I have no idea where the story came from or goes but I am excited to find out.





Three #1

Now this was an intriguing book because the concept was very novel and historically accurate. It was a solid introduction but I am unsure as to where it will lead, especially a story about Sparta slaves, as it can only really end in tears!





Chew #37

The cover is reason enough to buy this book because Guillory takes the disgust out of a man eating his sister’s toe by adding comedy. Its a great skill and makes this book so impressive. Layman’s storytelling is fresh and continually exciting, especially how we are now thirty-seven issues into the overall story.




Afterlife with Archie #1

This is officially my first ever Archie comic and I bought it because Francavilla was the artist on a zombie book. I am unsure whether it matters that I don’t know the characters (doesn’t seem to) but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the brilliant artwork.





Locke and Key: Alpha #1

I jumped in on this book late and have only picked up the last couple of individual issues, having caught up with the trades. I don’t know if I can do this book justice with a review, let alone a couple of sentences here. Therefore I shall wait for the final issue before reviewing the genius of this title. Apologies




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