The Theatre List 16/10 – The Nowhere Men are finally somewhere!

Another comic jammed week has just passed with a large pull selection from DC. I am finding the Forever Evil a little slow but intriguing, and I worry that the Crime Syndicate are not given enough time to reveal their motivations and backgrounds. They are obvious bad guys but don’t have any character outside of being parallel to heroes. Only Lantern’s duplicate has a distinctive personality and now the title is focusing on our universe’s bad guys, which isn’t a bad thing as I love the Rogues and Luthor. I have a lot to say about Batman Superman but Ill reserve that for a post on Jae Lee’s art, but Paks story was a challenge and reasonably portrayed. Zero released its second issue and it was a completely different book to the first. The character is almost unrecognisable, even as a child and the art by Moore, though good, was of a completely different tone to the first. I cannot imagine this book gelling but I may be wrong …..


Batman and Robin (2011-) - Two-Face 024-000

Batman and Robin #24

This issue saw the introduction of a new antagonist, the very person who created Two-Face. It is also an excellent way of bringing Harvey back into the book, and the first few pages were phenomenally drawn in silence. Tomasi and Gleason are such an impressive combination.



Animal Man (2011-) 024-000

Animal Man #24

This book was amazing because Rafael Albuquerque is so perfect for drawing the monsters of the Red. Its graphic and quite horrific in places and for the first time in a long while, its time for Buddy to reclaim his family.





X-Men - Legacy v2 018-000

X-Men Legacy #18

Peep my review later this week!





Superior Spider-Man 019-000

Superior Spider-Man #19

I have never been too interested in Spider-Man 2099 but within the context of this story, he plays a decent role. The culmination of this arc demonstrates a failing of Doc Ock, and I sense a small amount of doubt creeping in. I almost thought we may have a way back in for Petey!



Hawkeye 013-000

Hawkeye #13

This was another amazing issue as Clint lucks fails to improve. I say this, but given this book was massively delayed and it is the third perspective on a single event, you can understand frustration at the stifling plot. I do believe that is the first negative word I have ever said about this book! Its harsh because it is still brilliant.





Nowhere Men #6

It is finally back! I was so pleased to see it and excited to read it. The impressive combination of comic dialogue and magazine excerpts was of a high quality with slick art. Once again Bellaire was stellar on the colouring.





S.H.O.O.T. First #1

I quite enjoyed the concept of this book as it explored the notions of angels and devils as alternative religious entities. Further still the weapons used to defeat them require pure atheism. I would be quite impressed if the arc continued to make sense within the confines of the premise it is built on.



Morning Glories 033 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Morning Glories #33

This was a fantastic issue of MG as we keep with its recent trend of following a single character. This time it is Hisako and his love interest Guillaume. Nick Spencer has the lovesick teenager trope down to a tee, to the point where it transcends stereotypes and makes you feel for the characters.



Letter 44 001-000

Letter 44 #1

This book sees Charles Soule take a classic sic-fi story and add a presidential twist to it. If this is to be a space exploration expedition intertwined with everyday US politics, I would be incredibly impressed. A very good opener.





Imagine Agents #1

This was just an adorable opening book for a new title which revolves around imaginary friends. Its plays out as a combination of Monsters meet Men in Black and is a fun title for all ages. There is plenty to ponder on with its novel concept and interesting story.



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  1. Imagine Agents caught me by surprise. I knew nothing about it, never even remember reading about it in the solicitations but picked it up after seeing it on the shelf of my LCS. I was not disappointed! Loved it and ordered the remaining issues after reading the first.

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