The Theatre List 6/11 – A veritable selection of great writers!

I have always found it a rush when I try to catch up with a weeks worth of comics, as you spend less time thinking about what you read. Either way the comics from last week were a good variety of books including DC, Marvel and Indy. Forever Evil seems to making progress and a group of villains has formed to fight the Syndicate, but I found it unexciting. Iron Man, Captain America and X-Men Legacy were all very average and I found myself missing Jae Lee on Batman Superman. However there were few titles that I actually disliked and I will let you decide if indifference is actually a worse attribute!


2013-11-06 07-37-47 - Superman Unchained (2013-) 004-000

Superman Unchained #4

I enjoyed this comic immensely as it contained a solid superhero story, which is what is required for a Superman book. His battle was challenging as he showed his vulnerability, with an overlying narrative featuring Luther plotting his demise. Jim Lee’s art was epic as always.




Earth 2 #17

Even though Tom Taylor continues with the excitement and intensity of the newly formed JSA, I was irritated to see Batman and Superman featured in this book. James Robinson has built his heroes from the ground up and I have no wish to see alternate versions of Batman/Superman. Taylor begins well in filling James Robinson’s shoes.




Captain Marvel #17

It is great to see normality return to the book as Carol returns to her building and the city of New York. It has been far too long and I am very pleased to see Andrade’s art once again.




Amazing X-Men (2013-) 001-000

Amazing X-Men #1

Jason Aaron continues in the same vein as the X-school books with a great starting issue. There is much excitement in the appearance of Nightcrawler and new school teachers. McGuiness is a suitable fit for the cheeky adolescence of the gifted youngsters.



Uber 007 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Über #7

Gillen continues his compelling World War II super humans comic, with further violence and terror spread in Japan. White’s art is perfectly gory for the powers on display and is more than a niche war comic.




Trillium 04-000

Trillium #4

It is difficult to feel for the two protagonists as they are completely thrown together in turmoil, with little chance to actually develop a rapport. However the story is tense but unexplained and in doing so brings about quite the exciting twist. I am interested to see what happens.



Morning Glories 034 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Morning Glories #34

This was quite the exception to the recent run of issues. The characters actually spoke to each other as a group and I actually understand where the plot actually sits. Excellent issue with some ground covered, but do not worry, we still had a twist!





East of West #7

What a fantastic issue. Though I do say that about them all but this book was more a stand alone issue looking at the remaining Horseman and the belief in the Message. Separate from the main plot, it provided an insight into the religious expression of the people of the world.



Alex + Ada 001-000

Alex + Ada #1

Man dating Android – ’nuff said. Well not quite because this was a great opener with succinct and simple writing and great artwork. A refreshing concept which I am quite looking forward to exploring.


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