Cover of the Week 27/11 – Damien Son of Batman by Chris Burnham


As I walked into my local comic shop, I often pass a cursory glance at the special variant books on the wall to my right. That is where I found this treasure, this secret prize that was seemingly created just for me. I wrote a post on how Chris Burnham draws Damien Wayne, so wonderfully childishly but simultaneously resiliently. And then he had to draw his death. It was a devastating a comic to read but when I saw this cover, it brought it all back. Burnham has already drawn a future Damien Wayne in an Incorporated issue and is well qualified to develop a variant cover for this aptly titled book. The scene is set in a fantasy otherworld, perhaps even the afterlife where a young man looks up to his older self, with impetuousness. Let us not forget that this is Damien and that is a cardinal personality trait, but let us not also forget that the man he looks to is the man he aspires to be. Whether he knows it or not, he is looking at himself and you would certainly expect Damien to be assessing him as competition. He looks up but simultaneously looks down on his target with such disdain, all brought about by the scrunching up of the bridge of his nose and eyes. The costumes are gorgeous and their hands also express their underlying emotions. Adult Damien looks down at his childish self with a large grin, which could not be further from the demeanour of many versions of Batman. It is smile of joy and almost reassurance to his younger self. You will die but you will return and be all that you wanted to be. In drawing this cover, Chris Burnham has brought joy to my day, the same joy he once took away almost ten months ago. With those assurances there was never another page in sight for my cover of the week, for I know that I will see Damien again. 


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