The Theatre List 4/12 – Happy Kitty makes an appearance!

It must be commented upon first that there are no DC books on this list. I only picked up three and they were not bad but not great. Earth 2 was almost stationary in its development, I know I am being harsh but I have never read a comic and went back to count the pages because it was over so quick. Swamp Thing was pretty decent but I feel they missed a step in having a new avatar that was seen to be quite weak in his first outing. Villain or not, this is not how I envisioned him given that he did defeat Alec Holland. It was a nice concept nonetheless. Green Lantern started interesting in portraying the lanterns wasting resources in achieving unnecessary goals. The idea alone is worth exploring, but the twist at the end makes the idea that the lanterns are righteous douchebags less plausible, which is a shame. It pains me to say that Young Avengers seems to be quite lacklustre in its arc wrap up. I cannot put my finger on why but my excitement has waned, the characters just don’t seem to be as defined as they were. It also upsets me that Francavilla’s art on Guardians of the Galaxy is also not compliant with the story. I cannot tell whether it is the colouring or the pencilling style but the space odyssey theme needs explosions and bright colours. Now I have got those things off my chest, onto the good stuff:




X-Men Legacy 021-000

X-Men Legacy #21

I am just in love with the pairing of David and Ruth and the underlying concept of a superorganism. Once again Spurrier firmly stamps his mark on the characters with a story befitting his troubled powers. Pham’s art is suitably exaggerated representing Legions mind perfectly.



Superior Spider-Man 023-000

Superior Spider-Man #23

What a fantastic issue. It is time for Ock to be found out and Slott brings in a major player to tease it. He does it whilst paying respect to the current Flash Venom character.





Inhumanity #1

Matt Fraction successfully gives us an Inhuman history lesson whilst pertaining to the real life consequences of Black Bolt’s action on his people. It is told through the tragic mind of Karnak.





Amazing X-Men #2

I wrote a post on Ed McGuiness’ art on Nova and how it seemed to have undergone a reformation. This has continued to this book and I am really enjoying his work. The pirate story and return of Kurt is just too exciting to miss.




Secret Avengers v2 012-000

Secret Avengers #12

To see Mockingbird trying to blag her way out of trouble is just brilliant. The AIM leaders are so amusing in their thought processes that it makes Bobbi’s lies plausible. Guice’s art is perfectly dark in keeping with the theme of the book.





Iron Man #19

Iron Metropolitan is quite the intriguing idea and I am enjoying the refreshing take on Tony, especially with his brother. It takes some imagination to build this idea to fruition and I have faith in Gillen to provide it.





Velvet 002-000

Velvet #2

The mood of this book is just amazing. The British espionage tone is beautifully written and drawn. Just wonderfully written and drawn.




Trillium 05-000

Trillium #5

I do take some issue with this book because I have yet to feel for the characters. However the art and colouring is great and the crazy storytelling ploy of this issue it just brilliant.





Half Past Danger #6

Check my review later this week!





Absolution - Happy Kitty 001 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 004

Absolution: Happy Kitty #1

I have always been a supporter of Christos Gage as he can really tell a story well. Kitty’s story is a harrowing one but somehow we develop compassion for her. There is a brilliant set of panels where she inadvertently takes down two goons whilst trying to play her console. Excellent work from Paul Duffield.

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