The Theatre List 8/1 – Yep that is right, No Avengers or X-Factor!

You may be surprised to not find Avengers World or All New X-Factor on this list, but I have reasons. Avengers World was a solid enough book but not a lot happened aside from further mystery and twists. I feel like it has returned to the issues prior to Infinity, good build but only fitting together at a later date. Now All New X-Factor was an average set up book but what takes it off the list is the art. I find it too thick and heavy, despite being quite detailed. The colours don’t have the finesse or the vibrancy of the cover and the story was fine, but nothing more. Swamp Thing had a lot of promise as it seemed that Alec actually lost the power of the green, but the final issue was quite rushed despite the slowly built suspense. Despite these books not making my recommendations, there were many that did.


Detective Comics (2011-) 027-000Detective Comics #27

This was the 75th year anniversary issue and was fantastic. There were a series of short stories with renowned creators including Neal Adams, Francesco Francavilla and Sean Murphy. It also includes the first issue of the new arc, Gothtopia which seems like a classic alternate reality trope. A great body of work well presented.



Green-Lantern-027-(2014)-(2-covers)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Green Lantern #27

It is rare that you end up agreeing with the villains of the book. This comic, despite being anti Jordan, was a very compelling read and an exciting concept. I look forward to how the world responds to a despot Hal. Eaglesham’s art is quite nice too and I enjoy how his faces are quite distinctive.



Earth-2-019-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Earth 2 #19

This is how a Justice League book should be done, all the characters are fresh and participating in a classic battle. The art is classical superhero and the actions scenes are powerful and impactful. The story has built ever so slowly but now it really begins to pick up pace and is quite exciting.




Wolverine-v5-013-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Wolverine #13

See my review published later this week.





Young Avengers v2 015-000Young Avengers #15

Even though I hate different artist in a single issue, I make the exception with this one. As sad as I am to see this book end, the characters bid emotional farewells, certainly for Loki. I do feel like the book missed a middle section for the characters to actually change, but it was a touching end nonetheless.



Black-Widow-001-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #1

Just beautiful. I shall be posting a review of this soon.







Manifest-Destiny-003-(2014)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-001Manifest Destiny #3

This book just goes from strength to strength as the mystery of the discovered land becomes ever so deeper. The art and colouring bring out the themes of history, fantasy and horror, seriously the minotaur campfire scene is so disturbing.




Sex Criminals 004-000Sex Criminals #4 

Once again hilarious and exciting at the same time, and that is without the sexual exploits. As we slowly reveal the crimes perpetrated by our loving couple, the bad guys with sex toy weapons become less of a mystery. Time will only tell if Fraction and Zdarsky can maintain the buzz of this book.



Fatale 019-000Fatale #19

I have often accused this book of being repetitive, but it is still solid writing and fantastic art. This culminated the fourth arc and only ever so slightly revealed more about Josephine. I feel I have invested too long in this book to leave it now, but the comics are genuinely well written.



Morning Glories 036 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Morning Glories #36

It is time for an issue about Ian and what a twist his origin was. Every book brings about a new concept that had yet to incorporate to the whole arc, but trying to piece together the characters is becoming more and more enjoyable. Eisma’s art is brilliant as always.




Three 004-000Three #4 

Another fabulous issue in this historical piece about the Spartans and Helots. The three are being chased and the suspense builds leading to an exciting and nerve-wracking ending. There are a couple of splash pages that are beautifully drawn and coloured and worth reading the issue for alone.



Protocol - Orphans 003-001Protocol Orphans #3

What seems like a cliché superspy espionage tale really surprises the reader. It is well paced and excellently delivered in terms of art, action and suspense. The twists are unforeseen and the creators should be commended on taking a classic trope and doing it justice.

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