Cover of the Week 15/1 – Batman Li’l Gotham #10 by Dustin Nguyen

LILBM_Cv10_ds_52cf1b1e83c5b3.67643730Poison Ivy is presented as a vision of supreme beauty bathed in luscious flora. Dustin Nguyen’s water colours bring a soft and comforting aura to the cover, and Ivy is painted in four different poses. Each one is relaxed or full of exuberant energy, its an incredibly rejuvenating piece of art. The colour scheme of red and green is wonderfully aesthetic and the circular free edge brings about feelings of freedom and growth. This is certainly borne out by the spreading vegetation surrounding Ivy. She is at one with the flowers and plants, as well as the fauna around her. As we peer into the picture, you note the surprising amount of detail placed upon the difference animals and flowers. There is great variety and semblances of purples, oranges and brown, providing further delights upon inspection. My favourite detail is the flowing red locks of the multiple Ivys, as each is intertwined with it’s surroundings. The lack of inking allows this merging of species and brings about an appreciation of ecological community. My fave detail is the flowing red locks of the multiple Ivys, as each is intertwined with it’s surroundings. As a character in herself, this image is apropos to her unique set of abilities. Ultimately is is so pretty and soothing that I really want to have this printed and framed, but for now I am happy to post it as a phenomenal Cover of the Week.

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