The Theatre List 15/1 – More X for your buck? Definitely not

I struggle to understand why all the key X-books need to be released in one week. We had both Bendis books and a lead Aaron title, which disrupts the pacing for the stories, especially at the speed BMB delivers his plot. We even had X-Men Legacy, which as far as I am concerned, is the best X-book out there to date. I would rather have them out slowly as I would prefer less of a gap between titles. DC once again struggle to muster enthusiasm for the Forever Evil tie ins and GLC certainly proved to be the B title out in that universe. Superman Wonder Woman was a solid enough book but there was very little plot exposition to make it a must read. The Gothtopia storyline has a long way to go to be anything other than an illusionary alternate reality crossover, but im willing to give it a chance. Once again as expected a great month for Image with another intriguing new title: Egos. Let us reveal what is out there:


Forever-Evil-Rogues-Rebellion-4-spoilers-1Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion #4

Even though you may wonder why these particular incarnations of the Rogues are together, I still enjoy their interactions. The art is a little hit and miss but the up close facial shots are great. I’m enjoying watching the Rogues stick by their code.





Nova v5 012-000Nova #12

Sam Alexander has a story that needs to be told: the struggling Nova novice. I am hoping that Gerry Duggan is the man the tell it, as this issue is a great set up for the premise. Medina’s art is quite polished and pretty too.




X-Men Legacy 022-000X-Men Legacy #22 

I run out of superlatives for this book because it is so relevant to the world of X-Men. Not only does David Haller live up to his legacy, but he solves the argument between Cyclops and Wolverine. In doing so he demonstrates his legitimacy as a potential leader of the X-Men.



Uncanny X-Men v3 016-000Uncanny X-Men #16

I have always enjoyed Uncanny more than All New because the art is ideal for the petulance nature of the book. This issue sees the Madripoor storyline make some actual headway with the temptation of Magneto. It plays an interesting angle I look forward to seeing widen.



Secret Avengers v2 014-000Secret Avengers #14

It is no secret that Nick Spencer and Ales Kot are favourite writers of mine and I am overjoyed to see them together. Secret Avengers has the perfect cloak and dagger theme that suits these creators as the Mockingbird storyline becomes more and more complex. It is an exhilarating but somewhat confusing ride.



Thor - God of Thunder 017-000Thor #17

Even though this arc has a less epic feel to it, the anti-ending was quite the twist. It is word reading purely for the change and set up to further stories. This book still misses Ribic but it will return to heroic deism soon.




Daredevil 035-000Daredevil #35

This book is just phenomenal in so many ways. The writing is perfect in plot progression and character development, and Samnee draws a wonderful page, especially the history of Matt Murdock panels. The twist is worthy of the renumbering, that we all despise but at least a change is coming.




ImagineAgents_04_rev_Page_1Imagine Agents #4

This arc ends with a lovely culmination of feel good events. The book is bright and pretty and the story is perfect for children as well as adults. Its has been immensely enjoyable and I hope it will return.




Velvet 003-000Velvet #3

Steve Epting draws beautiful hair. Brubaker loves the John Le Carre milieu and does it proud. The story is taking a different direction every issue and slowly pieces together the bigger picture. Epting’s art is gorgeously coloured by Breitweiser and tonally fits together perfectly with the writing.



Rat-Queens-004-(2014)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-001Rat Queens #4

Check my review later this week.





Alex + Ada 003-000Alex and Ada #3

Alex slowly reveals his adoration for Ada by looking to make her more independent. With unsubtle warnings of the disasters of conscious thought, this book has a worrisome undertone. It is just beautiful to look at and the colours are light and pure.




egos-comicsEgos #1

This is a strange book that starts excellently and is unsurprisingly confusing in its future tech and sci fi fantasy tones. The set up with new characters is great and betrayal hits us at a very early juncture. The art is detailed and well coloured and only future issues will show how well it twists and turns.

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