The Theatre List 22 & 29/1 – Marvel Delays make it 2 for 1!

I am unsure at how the Marvel printing delays affected everyone else, but this is the main reason why I combined the last two weeks of the Theatre List. I didn’t get to read a lot of work until this past week, but this does create a mammoth number of books. It also makes it difficult to comment upon the week in general so I will keep it succinct. Firstly I think Hickman should calm down with all the Avengers books because I am not sure if they are all necessary, but Im tired of all these comics. This applies for Inhumanity, which seems to be going on forever and I am not seeing an endgame here. Even thought it has lent to some interesting side plots, and I did quite enjoy the actual Inhumanity book. I must also add that Jason Aaron is astounding as ever on his X-books and, whilst Bendis is slowly revealing his plot, I still find it exceptionally boring and a little tedious. And the less said about the new 52 non-Batman books the better.


Superior Spider-Man 026-000Superior Spider-Man #26

The intensity has been suitably ramped up as not only do the Goblins start fighting, Spider-Man is finally being reigned in by the Avengers. Things are heating up because its time to bring back Peter. The change in artist is made less annoying because they are all awesome creators.



Avengers Assemble 023-000Avenger’s Assemble #23.INH

This book brought flashbacks to old school comics featuring Logan and a ward, often Kitty or Jubilee. It has some lovely dialogue and is quite amusing. The Inhumanity plot thread is relatively standard.




Inhumanity 002-000Inhumanity #2

Ill be honest with you, there was a lot I didn’t like about this but there was one key plot angle which was excellent: The development of Medusa as Queen. Bradshaw’s art is solid but too playful for the deeper tones, and there is also another artist on board which frustrates as ever.



X-Men Legacy 023-000X-Men Legacy #23 

There is nothing I can say about this book that I haven’t already said because I cannot throw more praise at it. This issue sees the unstable hero lose control and look to the woman he loves for help. Simple and beautiful.




Wolverine and the X-Men 040-000Wolverine & X-Men #40

Not only were the kids great as always but it featured some refreshing and thoughtful dialogue between Logan and Scott. This is the real X-Men story.




Black-Widow-002-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #2

Wonderful art as previously and the story is travelling at a steady speed. I would buy this just for the artwork but the plot will need to escalate at some point.




All-New Invaders (2014-) 001-000All New Invaders #1

This book saw the return of some unlikely heroes reunited. I was engrossed with Brubaker’s stories from WWII in his Cap run and so that nostalgia leant to me thoroughly enjoying seeing Cap,Bucky, Namor and the Human Torch together again. Well written and drawn opener too.



1-22-ff-16-cover-matt-fraction-lee-allred-michael-allred-art-final-issue-ant-man-medusa-she-hulk-ms-thing-reviewFF #16

Peep my review!






Batman and Robin (2011-) - Annual 002-000Batman & Robin Annual #2

This is here purely for nostalgia. I have always enjoyed Tomasi’s writing and it is good to see Damian back again, even if only a memory. Mahnke is a solid stand in for Gleason’s art.




Batman and Robin (2011-) - Two-Face 027-000Batman & Two-Face #27

The new McKillen character is a brilliant gangster character and her history with Two-Face is well written and depicted. It also lets Batman to take a step back and allow a more interesting story to play out. There is a wonderful two page spread featuring scenes from Batman’s mourning for Damian.



Batman27_001aBatman #27 

A rather average issue really where it is not as exciting or suspenseful as normally but the writing and art are still gorgeous. Riddler’s plan slowly comes to fruition.




Animal Man (2011-) 027-000Animal Man #27

Rafael Albuquerque’s art is a perfect fit for the demonic side of this book. It is wonderful to see his fights scenes between beasts. The story is making headway and the family is under threat but Im beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel for Buddy.





PrettyDeadly04_001Pretty Deadly #4 

See my review this week!




Five Weapons 006-000Five Weapons #6

There are a couple of features this book performs very well on: The mystery of how to solve a puzzle and the letterbox panel art. The story not only flows well down the page but it reads nicely too. The light colouring is very aesthetic and uplifts the book from its underlying violent tones. I am very pleased to see this book return to the shelves.



Uber 009 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Uber #9

The art on this book is the best I have seen White perform. There are a few splash page tableaus that are breathtakingly violent and hideous, which is what they need to be in order to depict the atrocious Russian casualties.




East of West 009-000East of West #9

Ooooh! We have a new character and one we might actually get behind. He is pretty cool and seems to be quite key to the war which is already starting. Death’s tragedy is slowly becoming apparent and his scenes where emphatic and quite gory.




Saga 018-000Saga #18

See my love letter





Chew 039-000Chew #39

Layman’s storytelling is fantastic. This issue escalates all we have known before to a new level, and brings together the themes we thought gone and forgotten. Each issue leaves you with a thirst for more every time. And yes it is about Toni.




Revival 017 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Revival #17

This book has an exceptionally slow build to it and takes it time to deliver meaningful subplots. The death of the Check brothers becomes even more disturbing and the young reviver Jordan gets to me everytime I see her tragic behaviour.




Black Science 003-000Black Science #3

There is some great background story work in this issue and Scalera and White are singing in unison. The final pages are quite intense and upsetting, similar to the desperate actions of our crew to keep a German soldier quiet. It refuses to hold back.




Deadly Class 001-000Deadly Class #1

As much as I am not ready to admit the plot basics are any more than average, the art from Craig is exemplary. His use of panels and Loughridge’s colouring work incredibly well together to give great dynamism and action throughout. I have faith in Remender to give us a decent tale.



Hacktivist 001-000Hacktivist #1

The idea that hackers triggered off the civil wars in the middle east is a compelling one. The artwork is decent and uses perspective and unique shapes to good effect. It certainly has me interested.




Zero 005-000Zero #5

Even though most issues feature a different artist, the story comes across excellently. It takes many a twist and turn and the final page really surprises you. Also the colouring is fantastic and brings out the monotony and blandness of our central character when it needs to.

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