The Theatre List 19/2 – There goes Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

It has been another intriguing week from the Marvel Now collective with a great end to Daredevil, and a good beginning to the new Nova arc. The New Warriors book had a solid opener but I have little frame of reference for the characters and so my interest was barely piqued. The Punisher continued in a similar vein and was solid story and art, but it had no redeeming features. Justice League continued as always in slow fashion, and though I like the Metal Men, there was not enough to make it enjoyable. Batwoman was very interesting as it was relatively solid, with respect to art and story. Kate’s inner struggles are developing as he double life plays a toll on those she loves. The art is decent but it is a far fall from the great team it once had, and if that legacy was not behind it, then I would be enjoying the book a lot more. At the moment I am happy enough to be still reading it. Otherwise DC has a reasonable turnout.


Batman and Robin (2011-) - Two Face 028-000Batman & Two-Face #28

I shall be reviewing this book soon!





JK-Animal Man (2011-) 028-000Animal Man #28

I have journeyed long and hard to see Buddy reunite with his family, and it is a toil worth labouring through. The residing feature of this book is family, and as amazingly as Albuquerque demonic interpretation is, he does not lose the warmth of those bonds.




00Wonder Woman #28

I debate whether I should recommend this book each week. The soap opera that is Olympus is as repetitive as a weeks worth of Eastenders, but it is solidly written and I have long been a fan of the pictures. I persevere to see Wonder Woman take a stranglehold of a book that no longer features her.





Uncanny X-Men v3 017-000Uncanny X-Men #17

Maybe I am just a sucker for mutant school kids but I love these people. Their endurance and strength plays a much older teenage role than in Wolverine’s school. It also suits Bendis’ strengths as a writer too. Great story, original exposition and a lot of fun.



Amazing X-Men (2013-) 004-000Amazing X-Men #4

Let us face it, as much as I berate the nostalgia effect for book recommendations, I am a hypocrite. I was so happy to see Kurt reunited with the X-Men, I have missed him and I loved the emotions on display.




Daredevil36_001Daredevil #36

I cannot rate this highly enough. Between the subtle dynamic flourishes and the twisting and surprising story of Mark Waid, it refreshes and rejuvenates. The fact that over the past decade we have seen Matt as DD deniers, and now it is a statement of fact, shows how far we have come.



Nova v513.NOW-000Nova #13.NOW

Solid storytelling with a great central character trying to make his way in the world of superheroes. Beta Ray Bill is a welcome addition as a supportive character, which is what Sam desperately needs.




Avengers World (2014-) 003-000Avengers World #3

I placed this on this list for one reason: the twist at the end. The build to and intense battle was solid in itself but the ending really took me by surprise, and I cannot work out a reason for it. Why would you set yourself up to fail unless there was a subterfuge at hand. It got me thinking, and I cannot work out if I like it, but it made me deliberate for a long while.



Alex + Ada 004-000Alex &  Ada #4

Simple is often best. The art is streamlined and effectual in all that is expresses and Ada is wonderfully innocent. Alex is entering dangerous territory because he has no reason to want to free Ada from subservience, except that he can. It is honourable and I am excited to see the obstacles in his way.



JK-Undertow 001-000Undertow #1

This was a decent opener to a rather strange Atlantis story. The art is certainly the selling feature in its idiosyncratic nature. It is dark, murky and hard to make out but fits the underground terror resistance movement of a world under the sea. I am certainly intrigued.

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