Cover of the Week 26/2 – Black Science #4 by Matteo Scalera

0012The gorgeous front page of this book is simply scandalous. The construction is very much the ilk of Black Science with the right sided white column, but whereas before it was focusing on sci-fi mystery it has now turned its attention to sinister eroticism. Dean White’s skills are on display again as we peer through the shadows at our central figures and attempt to ascertain what lies beyond. The prominent features are clearly the hanging shaded head with smoke emanating from a cigarette and the white underwear of our near naked female cover girl. Those two foci are enough to bring out the themes of eroticism and underhanded immorality. The bright and alien featured landscape still brings our attention to the underlying themes of the book, but this is an excerpt into what lies beneath. The gentleman lies nonchalantly on the couch without expression or emotion, but the dimly lit general disarray of the room leads us to believe that only carnal desires are at play. The sultry lady is almost expectant as she stands hands on hip and clenched bottle to her side. Her sexual appeal is accentuated by what we don’t see, as her curvaceous silhouette is highlighted only by her white pants and silky auburn hair. The whole scene is erotic and depraved with its actors playing ignorant to the otherworldly landscape they inhabit. It begs the question of what precipitated events, whether the futility of an alien world resigned them to a dismal fate, or a covert manipulation of new surrounds for personal gain. Either way it is a provocative and sexy cover, full of mystery.

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