The Theatre List 26/2 – The Rick Remender Showcase

I am so taken aback by the sheer quality of books that were out this week. Not only were there three Avengers books in this week, Batman Superman made a triumphant return. However the real joy lay with the independent books with the old stalwarts such as Chew, Manhattan Projects, The Wake, Three, Rat Queens holding up a platform for the new guys such as Pretty Deadly and Dead Body Road. Unfortunately there were some new books I didn’t really engage with such as Lois Lane, The Fantastic Four and Origin II. I didn’t mind them and artistically they were not too shabby but I was uninterested with the plot. Jonathon Ross’ new book, Revenge, was also released and initially I was thoroughly unimpressed with the art but it was probably the subject material as opposed to the art I objected to. Then I was disappointed in the plot, which appears to be a standard revenge arc with uber violence and no redeeming qualities. Anyhow not every new book can be a winner. (N.B. I failed to pick up Dead Body Road this week which is the real reason why it is not on my list.)


Larfleeze-008-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Larfleeze #8 

I do very much enjoy Larfleeze’s obsession with his butler but what makes it so comical is that Stargrave would rather remain abandoned. The art is quirky but King Larfleeze looks toothy and angry as he takes on the oddities of the House of Tuath-Dan. Fun as always.



Batman---Superman-008-(2014)-(2-covers)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Batman/Superman #8

I have gone into detail my love hate relationship with Jae Lee in a previous post. However it was great to see him back and seeing as we have left the double Bat and Supes arc, we can visualise him putting his hand to a larger cast. There is a lot to enjoy as we combine a story arc with World’s Finest.




Deadpool-024-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Deadpool #24

There is a lot of introspection to be had, which flows quite naturally as Preston is attempting to leave Wade’s mind. It manifests in a strange variety of Deadpool’s attacking but we will allow the creators their fun whilst trying to mentally re-order his mind. Great work and excellent character transition.



Secret Avengers v2 016-000Secret Avengers #16

This final issue to the Mockingbird arc was not the best of the series as it ties up loose ends and plot threads suitably. The main action finale has already taken place in the previous issue. Nonetheless it is a successful story and Spencer and Kot work well as a pair.



Avengers Assemble 024-000Avengers Assemble #24

The penultimate issue of the Spider-Girl arc is progressing well. Anya is a petulant and tempestuous character but is a coming of age hero who is very well written. It is good to see how the bosses handle new Avenger blood.




Uncanny Avengers 017-000Uncanny Avengers #1

Finally this issue was actually as epic as the whole series attempted to be. The writing ramped up the heat and suspense with McNiven really flying on the action panels. The final twist was the icing on the scrumptious cake.




Mighty Avengers (2013-) 007-000Mighty Avengers #7

As Ava allows the White Tiger a night to seek vengeance we see Schiti draw some incredible action sequences. The art is so precise and detailed that we see every drop of sweat flying from each punch. The issue is exciting and builds the drama to the very end.



Hawkeye15_001Hawkeye #15

If by now you did not know this is the best book out there, then you need to read the millions of reviews pertaining to the reasons why. Fraction and Aja continue with an awesome tale and brilliant artwork.





JK-Deadly Class 002-000Deadly Class #2

I tweeted this week that this book was similar to Five Weapons but for adults. This issue was exceptional because the art and colouring was so fantastic. All characters are unique and recognisable and the dynamic sequences flow so well. Remender is on point with his twists and turns and the plot is so intriguing.



Chew 040-000Chew #40

We are finally getting to a point where there are some answers beings delivered. It’s been a long time but finally we tie in some previous arcs to an overall story. The sequences of Tony being high are so funny and draw with such humour.




Black Science 004-000Black Science #4

This is a book about sacrifice and high risk decisions in worlds far from our own but with beings as crazy as ours. The art is the selling point here with Scalera producing some astounding pieces of action and emotional vicissitude.




The Wake 006-000The Wake #6

It is all change as what we have only had glimpses of, comes to fruition. The future is now and the Mers have taken over the country giving us a new protagonist and some exceptionally new surrounds and a bright summery colour palette. I cannot wait to see how these stories reconcile.



The Manhattan Projects 018-000Manhattan Projects #18

Even though this story arc seems to have been going on since the book started, our revered scientists are still as fresh as ever. Their characters are so well shaped and now the story tells itself. Excellent as always.




Rat-Queens-005-(2014)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-001Rat Queens #5

As the first arc comes to a close we learn a little more about our loveable rats. The story was no great tale of deception and violence but it served the purpose of developing some ongoing mystery and the group dynamic of the Queens. Excellently drawn and so enjoyable all the way.



Three 005-000Three #5

This tale comes to the upsetting end we always knew it would. It was heroic and epic at the same time and the Helots had the tiniest bit of justice. Excellently drawn, coloured and expressed. This was an impressive historical piece of writing.

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