The Theatre List 5/3 – Are there really two Superman books on here?

This has been another thoroughly enjoyable week of comic reading. I even rekindled, actually that is a lie, I have actually liked a Superman book for the first time ever. I have been intrigued by Pak’s Action Comics and it was quite a well-written Superman. There were a few Marvel books which failed to inspire me including Iron Man (not that interesting), New Warriors (tried of basic teenage tropes), Punisher (nothing bad but nothing great), Nova (the partnership ended far too quickly), and Captain America (unconvinced by the villains). I also tried ever so hard to enjoy Forever Evil but the twist failed to excite me and I care less and less about this slow averagely written book. I must make note of Trillium, which is a purposely odd book in its delivery, but the story seems to struggle to gain coherence. The flow is certainly disrupted but I am unsure if that is the reason why I am unconvinced of the central relationship. It still looks good but I am a little tired of the patience required to read it. One last comment about Saint Walker, if he does not cheer up soon I am going to have to drop Green Lantern, despite me liking the book.


00Action Comics #29

Even though I have clearly jumped on at a story well under way, I can tell that Superman has some depth of character and a new rapport of worth.  The art was solid and suitably complimentary.




JK-Swamp Thing (2011-) 029-000Swamp Thing #29

Soule is producing excellent work with a story that is refreshingly unique and one which is making Alec realise that getting what he wants is not always what he needs. The colouring by Matthew Wilson is wonderfully expressive and varied from plant to person.




Batman---Superman-Annual-001-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Batman Superman Annual #1

I enjoyed the challenge posed by this annual despite the fact that it did not completely work out. Dividing the story into three and using different artists actually succeeds but the disparity in quality fails to make reasonable transitions. I also was impressed with the story they were trying to tell. Jae Lee was excellent on his pages.




Loki - Agent of Asgard 002-000Loki Agent of Asgard #2

Despite the campy teenage girl cover, this was a thoroughly enjoyable book and the undercover agent theme is working. If you think about it, the Loki character is a perfect match for espionage and subterfuge and Ewing is exploiting that wonderfully.




She-Hulk (2014-) 002-000She-Hulk #2

I am a great fan of Javier Pulido’s art and adore how he depicts Shulkie. This is another comic that falls into the new down and out superhero trope developed by Hawkeye. All I can say is that it is working and I am thoroughly enjoying it.




Magneto (2014-) 001-000Magneto #1

Walta’s art is a little on the dark and disturbing side with shadowy mysterious colours by Bellaire. This is the right tone and feel for a story about Magneto and the potential re-emergence of righteous villainy. Bunn plays a very cautious but committed tale about an old man’s troubles.




Moon Knight (2014-) 001-000Moon Knight #1

Excellent work from a fantastic writer, artist and colourist. The homages to previous character traits and the development of new ones are well balanced. I just love how he is draw completely white and black in notorious and seedy environments. This book has excellent poise and perfect harmony.




Wolverine and the X-Men (2014-) 001-000Wolverine & X-Men #1

Now even though Asar’s art is a less impressive version of McGuiness’, Latour has a good handle on Aaron’s stable of characters. Kid Omega is growing up and it is coming along nicely with a nice touch of having a lost Fantomex being found. The surprise twist is reasonable despite being unwanted.




JK-Velvet 004-000Velvet #4

This book is rapidly becoming unable to disappoint! I shall be reviewing it!





Secret-006-(2014)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-001Secret #6

As a latecomer to the scene I have caught up rapidly with this high concept drama. It reads like a John Grisham book and really twists the knife once it hits you. The unforgiving nature of the comic is hard to handle at times and there is no room for sentiment with these characters. The colouring is testament to the compelling nature of the book.

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