The Theatre List 12/3 – DC, Oh DC, wherefore art thou DC?

Every week seems to bring more books than the last, it is difficult to know where to stop. I have noticed that this week there were a few books just phoning it in. They maintain a decent standard with writing and artwork but the story or character just does not push the book further forward. I have this complaint with Black Widow, but I had a feeling that I would tire without a compelling story. Batman also played it mediocre relying on a classic retelling of Bruce’s parents’ death to provide the emotional drive. Deadpool was another on this list because the majority of the book was a giant fight scene but it ended well. The Marvel no.1s were great again but Fantastic Four, All New X-Men, All New X-Factor and Wolverine were quite average. The trial of Jean Grey is a terrible story besides being non-sensical.  I compared it to the murdering Hitler as a child moral challenge, but the holocaust cannot be prevented. That is enough ranting!


Hawkeye17_001Hawkeye #17

Even though this was another filler issue, it kept the trend of the others gone before and was highly enjoyable. How many comics can pull off a dream sequence where the Hawkeye story is represented in a cartoon format? Muse make special mention of Jordie Bellaire on colouring!



X-Men Legacy 300-000X-Men Legacy #300 

This issue had a huge amount of sentimentality without being self-indulgent. Carey, Gage and Spurrier bring a story about a mutant that is never remembered once out of sight. He acts as a metaphor for being remembered and making an impact in peoples lives. His story portrays the creators’ story in the ending of this book, and it is one of the best finales I have ever read.



X-Force (2014-) 002-000X-Force #2

Spurrier brings the next chapter of the undercover black ops group but delivers a delicious twist. The art is better than the issue before but still misses the point at times but the shaded colouring makes up for it.




Superior Spider-Man 029-000Superior Spider-Man #29

Ock is now reaping what he has sown as all his enemies are on the hunt. I particularly enjoyed how in desperation he asked, “What would Parker do?” Goblin is on the hunt for all he cares for and as a villain; this was never a threat he had to deal with. The stakes are rising, the people he cares about are in danger and he has burnt all of his bridges. Slott writing is compelling as we enter the grand finale.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 009 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9

I do not know how Spencer writes Boomerang because once again he uses his sly charm to dig himself out of holes. He moves from frying pan to fire back to frying pan again from issue to issue! I must say it is immensely enjoyable at ever turn.




Secret Avengers (2014-) 001-000Secret Avengers #1

Ales Kot delivers a fantastic opener for the Secret Avengers. He brings the humour and personality to each of the well-established characters. The art is suitably dark and emphatic when the writing requires it to be. As good a first issue as any team book released so far.



Avengers Undercover 001-000Avengers Undercover #1

Hopeless and Walker bring back some of the Arena cast a few months after murder world. It is a realistic depiction of how the world of reality television would react to such a venture. The characters have changed and Hopeless delivers a feasible plot for their reunification. An excellent comic.



Captain-Marvel-001-(2014)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-001Captain Marvel #1

Once you get used to the new artist and bright colouring, you can just about see the Carol we know and love. She is refreshed and has moved on and takes her desire to fly into a new direction. A solid start to an unnecessary reboot.





East of West 010-000East of West #10

Death continues in search of his son and it takes him to a place he may not be able to survive. I appreciate this sounds vague but Hickman produces a plot full of twists and suspense because you care about the character. Dragotta’s art is amazing and there are some beautiful splash pages.



Stray Bullets - Killers 001-000Stray Bullets: Killers #1

I have no frame of reference for this book and picked it up because it is new. I am glad that I did because Lapham brings a stunning one shot depicting torrid underground violence. I was genuinely surprised by the ending and how unforgiving both protagonist and creator are.



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