The Theatre List 19/3 – It is Thor vs Daredevil for best book!

When you recommend twelve books can you really say it was a disappointing week? Well yes you can because some of the books you once loved are falling to the wayside. I speak of the X-Men mainly because my teenage fondness is slowly withering away. Where once I was satisfied with Jason Aarons work, I am now left wonting by Bendis, Wood and Latour. I really should be looking on the bright side. A quick note about Batwoman because the book has really failed in living up to the standards of its predecessors. Initially I felt that Andreyko was imitating the previous panelling effects, but now it has returned to normal. I still like the writing mind you so Ill persevere for a little longer. As much as I loved New Avengers, the World suffix is confusing me dearly and I am wondering if Hickman has pushed the boat out too far and it is wandering aimlessly. That is enough negativity, let us discuss the great works that were out this week.


JK-Animal Man (2011-) 029-000Animal Man #29

This was a lovely ending to the Lemire storylines precipitated over twenty nine issues. Not only did it feature Foreman’s disturbing art but the story took a beautiful turn and Little Wing was simply gorgeous. The tale she tells is drawn by Lemire himself in a delicate but suitably soothing of the harshness of the family toils.



Batman and Robin (2011-) - Aquaman 029-000Batman & Aquaman #29

Despite this being another Batman and guest star book, ill praise it because, as always, the creators do it justice. I am very much intrigued to whether this book will actually feature the return of our lost child, or whether it will twist the knife as we continue to mourn. Either way Gleason’s Aquaman looks rock solid.




Daredevil (2014-) 001-000Daredevil #1

This creative team does not miss a beat. The transition from Hell Kitchen to San Francisco is handle with beauty. Not only is he a known superhero, he is a consulting detective to the police and a lawyer by lunch. The handling of the action sequences is superb and it even ends with a twist. I cannot praise this book highly enough, but then again, when I have I ever stopped trying?



Ms. Marvel (2014-) 002-000Ms Marvel #2

I was quite concerned at the end of the last issue with how the race relations was being handled. This book put my mind to ease as Kamala’s powers seem to fluctuate and it is not a simple change of appearance. Alphona’s art is up to the task of providing a bright and calming tone to the book, and is wonderfully exaggerative at displaying her powers. A fantastic start to a new series.



Thor - God of Thunder 020-000Thor #20

Who else but Ribic could portray the an old man Thor actually attempting to fight Galactus? It does not fail to display the differences in size and it does not falter when comparing their powers. What is does is bring the honour and determination of an old hero facing an adversary that devours worlds. Just wonderful.




NA 15New Avengers #15

I have been a naysayer of Bianchi’s for a long time now and despite the lighter colouring of Thanos Rising, this book has returned to his darker status quo. Nonetheless it actually works with the Illuminati storyline, which takes Black Swan into a more mysterious exposition. It is well written and much like the Hickman of 2013.




imagesWinter Soldier #2

I just love the fact that this book is a good old-fashioned train heist and battle. It is far from clear who are the good or bad guys and the art is suitably aged for the storyline. It plays Bucky from a different angle, which is probably necessary given his current status quo.




Rocket-Girl-4Rocket Girl #4

The story may not be moving at any great pace but the action sequences are. I do love Dayoung and her vibrance, which is brilliantly brought to the page by the talented Amy Reeder. This is purely worth buying for the underground tube action sequences.




Zero 006-000Zero #6

Del Ray’s art and Jordie’s colouring are so immense that the mystery and suspense keep you gripped till the very last page. Ales Kot has built a fantastic espionage story and it has a subtle hint of sci-fi that brings a new dimension to a regular spy story.




Sex Criminals 005 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Sex Criminals #5

The constant backstories are not irritating enough to prevent my enjoyment of the hilarity of this book. The art and colouring maintains its high standard but it is quite obvious that our protagonists will escape their current intimated fate. I probably spend more time reading the reader’s letters than the book!




Ten Grand 008-000Ten Grand #8

Now since Templesmith’s departure, this book has taken a sullen but steady tone. The story has now progressed into a new world of hell and the players are very much demonic and Smith’s art is beginning to fit the bill. I am beginning to enjoy this book more than I had done before and am looking forward to the oncoming apocalypse.




Lazarus 007-000Lazarus #7

This book is so slow it is painful. Forever’s character exposition is immersed in stories of her childhood, which probably have reached a natural conclusion. However the current day story is still solid but is taking it’s time. This book will almost always appear on this list providing Lark stays on the book.

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