Cover of the Week 26/3 – Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna

Alex + Ada 005-000

For intents and purposes this is an incredible passionate scene. Without prior knowledge to the happenings within the comics you would be quite confused as to what is happening here. It would appear erotic but there are actually no sexual acts that are being portrayed. It suitably confuses the mind but it is somewhat clearer if you read the book. The colours are warm and gentle with subtle shades of pink and orange expressing dimmed lighting or a sun setting. The bed sheets are taught as they take the impact of the couple’s weight, as is her shirt with the tightness of Alex’s grip. There is an obvious degree of closeness by the way he holds her top at breast level and she grips his forearm and caresses his hair. Their pose is extremely carnal as he grasps her in his bosom and their faces are either anguished or orgasmic in appearance.  It is a beautiful picture of a couple deeply intimate with each other, there is clearly a degree of mutual adoration but the act itself is either one of pleasure or solace. What is actually happening is that Ada is undergoing an awakening process and is distraught with thoughts and emotions whilst Alex is cradling her to keep her safe and secure. Luna has managed to bring out an emotive front page which is relatively unfamiliar to the reader. This is not a situation readily experienced and may occur in times of extreme stress to a loved one. The whole scene is deeply impactful and quite delicate in appearance. It emanates feelings of love as well as gentleness and sanctuary which are rarely depicted so wonderfully and wholly. I have rarely seen such an image in a comic, let alone on the front page of a book and find it quite stunning. s

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